Six point one

Got my new A1c results: 6.1

Endocrinologist’s exact words (as left in my voicemail inbox):
“Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Call me when you get pregnant.”

We are closing on our house in two weeks.
As of today’s weigh-in, I’ve lost 24.6 pounds since April.
I have been approved for my CGMS (if it will ever GET here).

Life is…pardon the expression…sweet.

YOU GO GIRL!!! I am proud of you…
Sounds like you’ll be able to have a baby soon…:slight_smile: We’ll have to have a Cyber Baby Shower:)
Life is SWEET!!!
GO Melissa, Go Melissa, Go Melissa
Great A1C, New home…GO Melissa:)

congrats on the A1c, home and now to start a family. You have been very blessed. Praise the Lord!!!


You will make such a lovely wonderful mother,Melissa,pray soon.

AWESOME!!! Way to go :slight_smile:

Congratulations that’s so wonderful.

I just recovered from a happy shiver - this is great news!

Congratulations! In these moments, life IS sweet =)

I hadn’t seen this post until now (since I was out last week). CONGRATS, Mel!!! You rock!

Congratulations! Great news all around! :smiley:

That’s awesome!