Sixth Diabeta-Versary

Well, I’m not exactly sure what to say here… Last Wednesday was my Sixth Diabeta-Versary. And Yesterday(February 14th), I was released from the hospital. Thinking back on it, I still feel as scared as I did then, now. Every day is something new, as we all know, but for Diabetics, it’s so different. Like last night, I was at 63, ate a granola bar(17 grams carb, 6-8? grams sugar), and drank a juice. I had to take my pump off to get clean for the night, so, I dunno, an hour later I test. 337. Well, great. Knowing my sugars, I could safely go to bed and be up in the morning with a good number. See, I went to bed, instead of actually bolusing for the high and waiting for it to stable out for bed. Woke up this morning, 38. That’s a doozie. Well, anyway, I’m fine, but my sugars have been yucky today and I’ve been so tired, which I’ll get over. All of this isn’t anything new to myself, it just gets frustrating.

Anyway, on to my Diabeta-versary. Six years. Six long years. Little eleven year old me, I remember being terrified of going home to take care of this disease without being in the hospital. I remember my Educator, Elizabeth. She was rough on me for those four days, but in that, she was loving, caring. She taught me all I know and enough to set me straight on my wicked twisted road of diabetes. I only wish she could see me now, six years later, almost eighteen and I’ve gotten past the crazy insane periods of not wanting to test, give insulin, just because ignoring the disease was so much easier. I’ve had a good amount of episodes, two memorable lows where I nearly had to go to the hospital because of fainting, and three(or more, can’t recall) memorable highs over 600 since then.

This aside, I’m proud of myself now. I’m proud of my disease. I haven’t been to the hospital not once since diagnosis, and that’s a miracle in itself, I believe. All of this must be a meaningless little blurb to whomever reads it, but, I’m proud, happy, and actually looking forward to my next six years of Diabetes. What will happen? Well, your guess is as a good as mine.

Happy Diabeta-versary to me!

(You know, does anyone agree that Juicy Juice should sponsor the JDRF? Any diabetes organization, really. Juicy Juice Apple juice has saved myself and I’m sure, many other diabetics lives, so many times.)

hi, Jessie. I’m sorry you’re on the bg rollercoaster. I think you may have overtreated that low. The juice should have been enough to get you over the 63. We all do it! If I may, I suggest a call to the doctor or educator. We all need an adjustment sometimes, and being a teen girl, your needs are constantly changing. Stay proud and be good to yourself. Here’s to the next sixty years!

I have to agree with Marie, that the juice was probably too much. I am guessing the bar by itself would have been enough to point your sugars off in the right direction. You have to remember that an 8 ounce glass of OJ is about 32 grams of sugar. This will make your sugar rise rapidly by itself.