Skiing- Best place to keep PDM

Hello- I'm going skiing in a few weeks and I'm wondering where is the best place to keep my PDM?

Inside Jacket pocket?



Figure out the best place to keep it dry and out of harms way...

I think I'd want it with me incase I have to make adjustments. In an inside zippered pocket?

I have a back up freestyle meter as a back up. When I go somewhere I don’t feel like the PDM will be safe. I snowboard so the PDM stays in the lodge untill I eat but the junky freestyle cheapie comes with me to still check my sugar during heavy physical activity. Tip: the pod can alarm and get knocked off from bad falls when sking, I try to keep a watchful EAR out for it. Listen to hear if anything is alarming or beeping.

Great, thank you!!

Also just a side note I set my temp basal way lower while sking or snowboarding as well, and carry gel and tabs and honey packets they usually have at the lodge :slight_smile:

I actually put mine on the breast inside pocket. so far so good.

Skied 80 days last year with my PDM in my inside jacket pocket (chest)... I prefer to wear my pods on my stomach and arms when skiing, other places tent to get jostled loose or can be uncomfortable on the chairlifts or when exercising (like thighs & love-handles)

You know that little email newsletter thingy insulted does? You might just check that too… When my rep sold me she told me some pro snowboarder uses it and they often feature d-blogs of prominent d’s who use omni :slight_smile:

Just thought I would give you an update- I've been skiing twice this week, with my PDM in a soft case inside my coat, it has worked perfectly! I also have my CGM in my coat in a separate case, so if I need to do a quick check, I can without getting out strips and lancets!