Skin Allergy to Medical Adhesive

Has anyone had skin reactions to the adhesive used by pump manufacturers… especially Omnipod? Have you found anything that works to protect the skin and the adhesive stay on?

Hi Debbie

I didn’t have allergies to the adhesive on Medtronic Minimed pumps… but I did have allergies to the catheter that goes inside the skin. It’s been three years since I’ve used my pump and I STILL have about 200 bumps on both sides of my stomach from where the infections used to be. That- even after changing my site every 2 days- It used to get infected so badly that little chunks of skin would peel (stretch) off of me as I pulled the catheter out- after only TWO days!

Thank you! We will give it a try.

Oh, I hate that for you. So have you tried any other pumps or are they all the same…kind-of like the adhesive. I was told that all the pump manufacturers use the same stuff. Are you okay with doing the injections? I guess we might have to go back to that too.