Skin Barrier needed because I use Mastisol

I require to use mastisol spray - a strong adhesive spray in the spring and summer in order to keep any infusion set on my body. With the use of mastisol the infusion set stays on my body but my skin get extremely itchy and red because of mastisol therefore I need some type of special skin barrier - a skin barrier wipe, skin barrier gel, liquid or spray - it doesn't matter to me. Just something to reduce the itchness of the mastisol spray would be great for me.

In general I'm looking for a skin barrier/skin protector that will protect my skin or atleast reduce the itchness. Any suggestions would help me ASAP. Thanks in advance.

I believe Medtronic has a tape kit that you can get if you call the helpline. It has samples of the barrier wipes, occlusive dressings, adhesives, adhesive removers, etc that Medtronic carries. It’s been several years since I was on Medtronic but the kit included both Mastisol and SkinTac. I too break out in a rash from Mastisol but I’m fine with SkinTac.

Medtronic were the first ones to tell me about Mastisol but I had to run out and buy it when I was having the issue of keeping my site on. However, I found out that mastisol spray is less problematic than mastisol liquid all on my own. The local pharmacy here has never heard of mastisol at all. I've used skin tac and skin prep - they are basically the same thing for me and they work for me only during the winter. I need a stronger adhesive like mastisol but I break out in a rash and I get my site gets extremely ichy about 20 hours or less after applying mastisol on my body. Like bad enough that I want to tear my skin to take it off. Therefore I need to find some skin barrier or skin protector that will work - either reduce the ichness from mastisol and reduce the risk of a rash or just protect my skin from the effects of the mastisol - all the effects except for the adhesive - I know something like this is going to be hard to find especially since I'm not aware of too many things outside of skin tac and skin prep. I'm just looking for a skin barrier or skin protector that will work for me if possible.

I have the same trouble. I am also allergic to the sets. Sometimes it is just a matter of trial and error.

I have a several layer set up that works for me.

I start with skin tac adhesive. Then I put a drop of neosporin at the centre. That keeps the adhesive from getting under the skin.
Then I put a iv3000 tape on it.
I aim for the spot of neosporin and poke through the iv3000. And stick the set to the iv3000. This keeps the adhesive off the site and I have a set that stays on even at the gym and it does not get irritated.
The key is the iv3000 which is about 5 times bigger than the set. This gives a lot more stability and staying power. Also clear so it does not look any different to the world.