Skin issues

My 11 yr old has horribly dry, peeling fingertips from all the finger pricks, alcohol wipes and cold weather. He is constantly licking his fingers cause it drives him crazy so of course the germ factor is of concern. I put lotion and/or bag balm on them when he is with me but at school or sporting events he forgets. Any suggestions?

Alcohol wipes are known to dry out skin and promote cracking etc, perhaps just use soap and warm water before tests.

Perhaps his hands warm and dry for a while, this will sound odd but perhaps use his toes or the forearm (with a lancet adapter) for a while.

Have him wear gloves at home etc whilst they heal up perhaps?

Do what movie stars used to do. Put vasoline on them at night and wear gloves to sleep. Licking the fingers futher drys them and yes there is the germ factor.

I have good success with Eucerin cream. I use it on my feet and hands at night. But I would think vaseline would work well too and is probably less expensive. I had to quit using alcohol wipes for the same reason-my fingers were in horrible shape. Now I use soap and water unless I don't have access to a sink- then I use the alcohol wipes.

I'd say stop using alcohol wipes. I wouldn't use my toes, due to the fact that I do everything possible to protect them. The only time I use alcohol wipes for BG testing is when I'm running, since my fingers end up with a slurry of gatorade, jelly beans and smarties all over them and sinking isn't practical.

For dryness, I use Aquaphor. Tattoo shops recommend it and it seems to be strong stuff that helps dry crackly skin, cuticles, etc. get better.

I agree with the people who say don’t use the alcohol swabs. My doc told me they are not necessary if my hands are clean. What’s most important is if they are clean. You don’t want to get if you had remnants of juice or anything on your fingers but you don’t need the swabs. Aquaphor is great. Keep rotatin the fingers and also keep the lancet device on the lowest necessary setting and try not to keep licking!

Thanks so much for all the helpful suggestions! We have been using vaseline and gloves at night and will be attempting to get Aquaphor today. While at home we are using his toes (I forgot that it was an option), maybe will try using his forearm which we have never done. Again, many thanks!