I started using Skintac after I sweat a couple of pods off. As a “just in case” I started using it with every pod and I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to it. Not horribly allergic, but allergic nonetheless. I haven’t used it for the last two pods and there is a very noticeable difference and no itching. Anyone else had this happen? I think I’ll continue to use it when I really think I need to, but I was just curious.

My son has used skin tack religiously for 2 years… just reacently stoped. He thinks somehow the skintac got in to the canula sometimes and cloged it some? I don’t think that can happen but he has been doing much better lately so what ever the reason… we are not using it for awhile.

I didn’t use it before I applied the pod. My educator had me wipe the adhesive piece on the outside after I had already applied the pod. Probably so that I wouldn’t have problems with the canula.

I just took a 4 pod break from using it. Not nearly as much itching but with all the sweating and bumping into things it is better to use it and 2 inch surgical tape to better secure my pods.

Yea, I can see that. I’m sure it will be something I still use, but I am taking a break. I even took a Zumba class and didn’t sweat it off. I had started using it all the time so I didn’t have any problems with losing pods because at first I was having all kinds of problems. Hopefully I can go a while without it. Itching sucks to say the least.