Skip this ... Add that. I hope ya'll will join me in doing this

I think if we can affirm some small thing we can do each week. It will help us in our weight loss.
My Activity for skipping and adding:
Here is my skip this for this week. Skip : 15 minutes a day on the computer.
Here is my add this for this week. Add : 15 minutes a day on my exercise bike.
My Food for skipping and adding:
I will skip one fat exchange every day this week.
I will add one fiber exchange every day this week.
I want to skip past the size 16/18 jeans and
slide into the 10/12 range by Christmas of 2008.
I hope you will join me on this journey.

I am just working harder. Trying to extend my walking out beyond 5 miles a day by adding 1/4 mile to my walks in the morning and before lunch. I use my 2 mile walk in the evening to pick my pace up. I have added exercises in the evening. If my low carb diet is one reason that I am loosing then I am shooting for 37 more lbs by my next ENDO visit in April. I want to be a diet and exercise diabetic and that is what I am working towards.
At 61 I am not ready to let this beat me down and I entend to fight. There are no tricks just hard work. I have a closet full of clothes of different sizes - 44, 42, 40 and 38. I am shooting to be in the 40’s by the end of Jan. As I go down I am donating the clothes that no longer fit.
My Mother-in-law told my wife that she hopes I don’t gain my weight back and my wife told her that if I do I die and that is my approach. This is not a FAD DIET it is a change of life style. I want to be able to enjoy the ‘money’ when I win the ‘Powerball’. :slight_smile:

Oh my I would love to skip my 14/16 and join you in your 10/12 range!!! I would need a lot of advice and encouragement however!! By the way my name is Kristy and I am 28yo…I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was only 18 months old in 1981…I have been stuggling with my weight and blood sugars since I became an adult…I really believe the two go hand in hand (if I eat better to lose weight I will gain better control of my bs)…I would really love some help…All of my girlfriends are doing these weight lose programs that involve shots and pills and I don’t think that would be good for my diabetes…please let me know…thanks…your friend, Kristy

I am all for a LOW CARB diet. Since July I have lost 42 lbs and you get BG control at the same time. I also walk 3 times a day and try to hit 5 miles a day.

I started at 277lbs and 61 years old. I think I can easly get to 200lbs. My last A1C was 5.3. I am Type 2 on Byetta and Glipizide

I will join you. I can not say that I will be able to join you in the 10/12 range but I will try my best to at least 14/16.
My Activity for skipping and adding:
I want to skip an 1/2 hour on the computer and add 1/2 hour on the elliptical.
My food skipping and adding:
I want to skip a meat and add a non-meat protien that will not raise my blood sugar.