Skipping meals sends my sugars off track

When I was first diagnosed years ago, the insulin was prescribed and my doc told me, “Now don’t skip meals”. I thought what does he know. Well, he was right. Today I haven’t skipped a single meal and my sugars are much better. For breakfast I had oatmeal (low sugar) and 1 piece of sugar free bread which made my total carb intake 36. Took my insulin and 2 hours later I was at 155. Ate lunch around 3 hours ago and just checked- I am at 131. I’m going to stop skipping meals because it seems I am one diabetic that just cannot get by with it. A few weeks ago I was suffering highs throughout the day. It wasn’t due to overeating, it was due to under eating. I really wish I could understand why this happens to me.

you know i think the same thing happens to me, though i don’t skip meals i’m very skimpy on food and eat very little for lunch and supper, today i have eaten very little and my sugars have been off the hook around 200 or more and i’ll avoid food thinking it will make them worse! but as soon as i took a unit of novorapid and ate a good supper my sugars went down to 120… strange

You sound just like me Jill. I wouldn’t have believed it though until I experimented with eating 3 meals a day. And I said the same thing to myself: I CAN’T eat, it will make my sugars go high or get worse. Hopefully someone can explain this to us.

Hi let me add what I think…
If you do not supply your body with fuel i.e. food then your liver will release sugar to keep it going. Your brain has to have short chain sugar to fuel itself. This may be why skipping causes some higher bg. I know for me it does also.
I am not a doctor though so I could be wrong.
Be loved

Laura thanks for the info and that makes perfect sense to me- the sugar the liver releases will keep us (or some of us) high. So weird because it would appear that skipping food would drive us lower but no…Also, today I did same thing, had same exact breakfast and carb intake- 3 hrs later bsugar around 50. Now I’m pre-lunch and sugar is 79! I am happy with those numbers. So much better :slight_smile: