Skydiving advise

I am jumping out of an airplane Sunday afternoon. I am on the pump and have a CGM…has anyone else done this? Will I need to do anything special with my pump? Will the adrenaline rush affect my blood suger?

sam i dont know anything about the pump/cgm but spending a day at busch gardens on roller coasters and my blood sugar was high. so maybe re adrenalin?

Unless you plan on taking a parachute with you, I don't think you really need to worry.

Thanks Garethc, I believe we will be jumping from 8000 feet, tandem. I have been thinking of either taking my pump off during or putting it in my pocket, then using safety clip to secure my pocket.
I wish I had thought to ask my doc before last night!

Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. Our jump was canceled due to the weather. We are now rescheduled for this coming Saturday. I messaged Dennis who jumps from between 15,000 ft to 25,000 feet. He says he goes with his pump on and has no issues. Ironically, I called Medtronic today and they “don’t have enough data” to say if it is safe or not (difference in air pressure.) They suggest going without my pump.
Still hoping to get a hold of my doctor before the big day.

I would switch to Lantus the day before. I find that when I do something exciting, My sugar soars with adrenaline but I do not correct it because it always comes back into range soon after. I think my liver dumps and then possibly reuptakes it again.
I do not think I am clear about the process.

I know that I avoided running over a bicyclist in my car and I checked my sugar it was 380. I pulled over and corrected and I checked 10 min later and it was already down to 165. After 30 min I was around 60.

It was then I realized that I should not correct after adrenaline events.

Here is my doctor’s advice in case anyone else is looking for info on skydiving:

“Although it might work I would recommend taking the pump off before skydiving. I don’t think insulin pumps are tested for skydiving before FDA approval. If anything you should have slightly high sugars (greater than, say 160) before jumping to minimize the risk of hypoglycemia in the air. Then you can correct on the ground if needed. The adrenaline may raise your sugars but that would be safer than low sugars.”

It’s raining today so hoping it clears up tonight so we can still go tomorrow.

We jumped yesterday and I have to say what a rush! I chose not to wear my pump. I took a couple units before taking my pump off and my blood suger was close to the same when I hooked it back up about an hour and half later. Now that I know what to expect I think that if we go again, I will wear it and see what happens.

By the way, the place that we went to has you sign a contract that basically signs your life away. One of the statements was saying we had no medical issues and specifically listed diabetes as one of them. I found that interesting. I of course signed saying I didn’t have any issues because I wanted to go. I personally don’t see my diabetes as a disability, so I get suprised sometimes when I get told I can’t or shouldn’t do something just because I’m diabetic.