Slap or push

Any advice on manually inserting the infusion set without using the spring loaded device?

I haven’t come to that yet, I plan to use a Quick-serter! Sorry no help!

why do you want to do that, Sid?

With the sils, nice and gently.

With the quickset, I’d take a BIG pinch of skin and plunge it in just like I was taking an injection.

Lose your Quk-serter, did ya?


i keep an extra quick serter in case of----manual aint gonna happen here

Like Terry, if I use infusion sets inserted at an angle (Silhouette, Comfort, Inset 30), I insert nice and slowly by hand.

For the 90 degree insertion, I found it hard to insert manually without bending the cannula. I guess I didn’t try the pinch and jab technique.

Which infusion set are you using?

for my insets every time ive tried slowly allowing the needle to go in the cannula ends up bent and me at 300. so the best i can give you is just let it go in the way it is supposed to go in and don’t do it manually. unfortunately for me i have a problem with the spring loaded as well. it takes me up to 25 min (record as of now) to put in a new infusion. i have a needle phobia, unless i can, like you want to do, manually insert the needle myself. ironic…