Slapped Cheek (Fifth Disease/ Paravirus B19/ Erythema infectiosum) at the school I work. Worried :( Anyone with experience/ knowledge about this?

Hi everyone!
I am totally confused! I work in a primary school in England. This week it turned out that several children in the school have had Slapped Cheek (other names of this are Fifth Disease/ Paravirus B19/ Erythema infectiosum)and others: Chicken Pox. I think I know I had a vaccination for chicken pox as a child, so that's not so much of a worry. However, I had never heard of slapped cheek before, I come from Europe, and I don't think this is common in my country.
From what I read, if you get the virus, there is a chance to lose the baby because of this, although this chance is low.
My Surgery took bloods from me immediately on the next morning to check my immunity against both chicken pox and slapped cheek.
I managed to get through my midwife and she strongly advised me to stay away from the school (not go to work) until I have the results, which I due to be back some time next week.

Here is the dilemma:

On the next day I managed to speak with one of the GPs in my GP practice (we don't have personal GPs there, all doctors see you, so I spoke with her for the first time). She didn't seem to be very aware of this particular problem, told me she would call a virologist for advice. After their conversation apparently the virologist said that actually I can go to work because the risks are very low.

I spoke with my midwife again and she didn't change her opinion on what I should do despite this virologist's opinion. She said 'It's up to you after all, but if I were you, I wouldn't go to work until I have the results'.

Whom to listen to??

To be completely honest, knowing what a massive struggle it has been up to now to keep this pregnancy as close to healthy as possible with normal outcomes up to now (I am 22 weeks), I find it very silly to let something avoidable like this put my baby at life threatening risk!

Does any of you have experience with this or heard of anything about it??
I would very much appreciate any answers x


It’s pretty common here in the states, and pregnant women are ALWAYS cautioned to stay away from Fifth Disease! I’d stay home until it clears up, absolutely.

Here’s a link to our center for disease control’s page on it. It says there’s less than a 5% chance it can cause severe problems if you catch it, but that would still be enough of a chance to make me stay home.

I am very grateful for your comments, lizzi :) I will definitely wait to see whether I am immune to it first!

I would stay home too just to be safe.

My son had this and we hardly even noticed, just a very mild rash following a fever. So you may have had it and not know about it.

How did the results turn out?

I am sorry I am answering after so long, Kirstin! Just to let you know that the results showed that I neither have the virus, nor have immunity against it, because, as I suspected, I have never experienced it in the past. Now I am on my maternity leave already and luckily, I didn't get it :)