Sleep Anyone?

my friend has trazodone I asked him or like 10 of them I took 2 and I was out how the hell do I get them do I just go to a dr tell him lookin im not sleeping normal im not falling asleep till im dead tired which is anyuwhere from 5am-10am an boom will he write me a script it don't seem that simple so ill just get them from my friend when I can

If you're really having that much trouble, you need to get them from a doctor, as you may need refills....besi get a good, understanding doctor.

i’ve been having 1.5 hours of sleep a night since my Melas stroke(Mitochondria encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke like symptoms)that occurred last year (September 2013) which also have the unmentioned side effect of depression, diabetes (type MIDD google it), and insomnia. melatonin worked for two days. i’ve tried myslee or マイスリー. i live in Japan. and tounyoubyou means diabetes in Japanese.


I've tired melatonin and it had a strange side effect with a medication I was taking at the time. I was over hyper and wasn't able to sleep at all. These days I've been looking really and feeling very tired.I guess another doctors appointment is in order. (I've been avoiding one for sometime..I've even run out of diabetes meds.) I'll update shortly. Take Care All.