Sleep Apnea blood sugar and new CPAP machine

I recently updated my CPAP machine for sleep apnea. I went to a new auto CPAP that varies the air pressure as determined to be optimum by the CPAP machine. After I wake up the auto CPAP machine allows me to analyze my breathing while I slept with my smart phone or on my computer using Sleepyhead software. With the new machine the amount of air pressure put out by the machine has automatically increased over what my old, non-automatic machine did. I have also noticed that my BS levels as per my CGM vary a lot less and remain steadier at night and with this I have been able to slightly reduce my Lantus insulin intake by about 5% and my Humalog by about 30-50%. Has anyone else experienced an improvement of BS levels and a slight reduction of insulin intake with an auto-CPAP?

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@dannonebr I have had similar experiences, except I started with an auto pressure Cpap. That was the first night in many years that I slept more than 4 hours and it showed in my bg’s. Quantity and quality of sleep matters in bg management in my opinion (which is based on personal experience and not hard science).