Sleep apnea reason for diabetes?

I had to go see a pulmonary doctor because of some breathing problems I have when I get around certain chemicals and such. The doctor surmized that I needed to do a sleep study he felt it would help in dx the problem. The doctor stated that it was possible I had sleep apnea because I was diabetic and also have heart disease and that this sleep apnea that he thinks I have without any tests being done is the reason I have diabetes heart disease and just recently dx with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. The test didn't go very well a couple of low bs events kind of kept me from sleeping so they suggested that I come back for another night and they would give me a sleep medication to make sure I went into a deep sleep so they could get better readings for their test. The doctor seemed very put out when I declined taking their sleep medication so they could do another sleep study even though I had informed them about the low bs events. My other doctor stated it was possible I had a type of asthma because I didn't have any other breathing problems unless I got around certain chemicals. Who would have though that something I don't have would cause the health issues I do have.

That surprises me that they would want to give you a sleeping pill to do the study. I don’t know enough about it but I would think that the sleeping pill would alter your natural sleeping state. I also would not want to be drugged when I knew there was a chance I could go low so I don’t blame you for not wanting to do that! I did one of those studies last year and I did not sleep well at all. I knew that I wouldn’t because I never sleep well in strange places. Based on the little they did have, they wanted me to come back for the second part of the test for the oxygen saturation levels and said that I did have sleep apnea.

My thyroid also decided to go on the war path last year and I had read that one of the causes for sleep apnea was hypothyroidism. I figured that was the cause of my sleep apnea and I told my doctor I would not do the second part of the test. I was tired of people trying to put bandaids on a gusher and I wanted the problem causing it fixed. I had also started having a lot of night terrors last year. I read that one of the causes for night terrors is sleep apnea. It was like a big vicious circle!

My thyroid is finally getting to the levels it needs to be but this year, my PCP sent me to have a breathing test done – the PFT. I passed that but it was recommended that I have the methacholine challenge test done if they thought my breathing problems were related to asthma. I flunked that and now found out that I have asthma. Although I am still waiting on getting in with a lung guy and my PCP doesn’t have me on the right meds for the asthma, I am actually sleeping better at night. Prior to last year, I would wake up in the morning with my sheets and blankets all tucked in nice and neat other than where I pulled them down to crawl in bed. Last year, I would get up in the morning and the sheet and blankets were all pulled out on every side. I am back to waking up with everything all tucked in nice & neat again so I know that I am sleeping better.

I would suggest if they do the PFT test, make sure you also have the methacholine challenge test done also even if you pass the PFT. That is the one that verified that I do have asthma. My sister also had to insist her doctor do that after she passed the regular breathing one and she also found out she had asthma after flunking the methacholine challenge one.