Does anyone out there find that they need more sleep since diagnosis? I thought I could continue with having less during the week and more during the weekend, but recently – no. In general it seems I need rest more than ever.

They actually say that the whole “less sleep during the week and catch up on the weekends thing” is not good for you and will make you more tired.

I am not sure if I need more or less sleep since I such a horrible morning person I never wake up all “refreshed and perky”. But I know that before i could sleep over 10 hours and feel like I could still keep sleeping. Now, I will often have problems falling asleep and staying that way or sometimes I will actually sleep through the whole night. It really varies. I have often wondering if I have sleep apnea because I used to feel like when I woke up that I had been running or holding my breathe in my sleep. But it doesn’t happen all the time. On the days, I do sleep better - I feel better when I wake up than before DX. I need like 9 or 10 hours of sleep.

Sleep is very important for diabetics too. Why would you think you would need less of it since DX?

It’s not unusual for me to need at least 9 hours sleep. I was hoping that the lower BG would help me have more energy, but I haven’t noticed a difference yet. Maybe it still takes awhile for the body to get used to things. I do know that if it continues I’ll be mentioning it at my next endo appointment, because supposedly he’s got my thyroid and diabetes under better control and that should be helping. If you figure out how to fix this let me know.

Well it’s not that since diagnosis I want to get less sleep, but I needed less before. When I was younger, 9 hours was a minimum. Then 8 1/2. Then since my last child I seemed to do fine with 7. I thought this had something to do with aging. But since diagnosis, it seems I’m moving back toward 9.

It’s just confusing to be at 7 in recent years, be able to fill up those hours that you aren’t sleeping with things you love to do but can’t because of responsibilities of adult and parenthood, and then suddenly you don’t seem to have energy to stay awake anymore. I feel like saying to my body, “Make up your mind already!!”

But certainly the more sleep you get, the better overall. At least, when well-rested, you can do things in half the time it takes to do them normally. Well you know, sound familiar – little free time, paralyzed as to how to use it to your best ability. Maybe I’ll be better able to handle those anxieties with more sleep. Mens sana in corpore sano.

i have found this defininately, and i seem to wake up more tired as well

I would love more sleep but with a hyper 4 year old 6am comes much too early :slight_smile: I often feel like I need a nap but everytime I have tried to nap I wake up with my blood sugar about 200!!? Weird…

Yes, it is definatley age too - but apparently once you get senior age, you sleep less (I think this supposed to happen in your 60’s or 70’s I think, maybe later).

Last time I can remember me sleeping so well that it was impossible for to even fall back asleep was when I was 25. HAHA! Well, maybe that isn’t so funny…:frowning:

I am envious of those people who are out like a rock when they hit the pillow. How do they do that? My body is often tired but my brain is often not. Can’t remember the last time my eyes were so sleepy I haven’t been able to keep them open (well, maybe a few times right before diagnosis after eating too many carbs but it was rare). You would think it would be easier to sleep when you get older but I actually slept better when I was younger.

Even worse for me is that I am a night owl so I am most awake during the evening so even if I had to get up at like 7am - I still don’t want to go to sleep early because I am not tired! I wish the world didn’t revolve around the day time so much. I bet there were hardly any night owls before they had electricity. :slight_smile:

That may be true. Electricity messed with everything “normal.”

I try to nap every chance I get – and for me that mainly means only on weekends and days off because I work full time. I’m lucky that my little ones like to sleep later, but that’s also because we put them to bed later is my guess.

The nap thing is sometimes weird for me too.

Diabetes does confusing things to one’s body…

Hyper 2 yr old and 3 yr old here. Nothing better then walking in from work at 6 am and hearing “Daddy your home. I missed you” I reply “Pumpkin its early go back to bed” to which my 3 yr old replies “No I can’t sleep I wake up”.
I don’t get much sleep and when I do its broken into 2-4 hour segments basically if my 3 yr old will let me sleep on the sofa while she watches NickJR and then in the afternoon when they take naps and before work when they go down fo the night.

Oh yeah, they want to see you when they’re awake, of course! :slight_smile: 2 and 3 are tough. Although my 4 year old daughter acts the way my son did at 2 these days.

I fully sympathize. But of course it will get better…