Sleeping & hyperglycemia

i know it is a bad idea to sleep when you have low blood sugar-
but what about high blood sugar? i have heard mixed things about this subject.

sometimes after dinner if i eat too many carbs
i will fall fast asleep literally like 30mins or so after eating
when i wake up usually about 1 hour and a half or 2 hours later
i am either around 220’s or sometimes a good level of below 140

should you always be conscious if you have high blood sugar?


Having high BG does make you tired & sleepy. Too many carbs used to wipe me out & I’d be asleep on the sofa shortly after dinner. That was before I was diagnosed & now I know why.

Worth being awake during highs to correct them. Not healthy, of course, to let those highs stick around any longer than possible.

Hi Denise,

Don’t understand your endo’s logic. Rather bad advice! Highs cause damage whether you feel badly or not. Highs should be brought down. Yep, I always correct highs & keep testing to make sure it’s really coming down.

I think whether to correct would depend on how long it’s been since your last dose of insulin. If you’re 170 1-2 hours after eating, maybe not (yet!) depending on a few other factors***, but 170 4 hours after eating I definitely would.

If I ever hit a 240+, I’ll correct regardless of time. But how much I correct would depend on how much insulin / food I have in me at the time.

As far as being high while asleep, as long as it’s not DKA-like-high, it’s not as immediately dangerous as hypoglycemia. Meaning, sleeping while high isn’t any different than being conscious while high I wouldn’t think…again, as long as you’re not in the spilling ketones high range.

(***With my pump and CGM telling me my current BG trend, I would most likely correct unless the 170 was dropping. Back when on shots, I would probably not correct a 170 1-2 hours after eating unless I ate very few carbs and had a small meal bolus. I would check again in an hour and then correct if I was still high.)