Sleeping in?

Okay - so I’m at 33 weeks now and I already have a 3 year old.

Most days of the week I go to bed around 11:30 and (take my last long-lasting Novolin shot then) then we get up around 8:30 or 9:00 and have breakfast and take my first shot of the day. So that’s about 8 to 9 hours of sleep (yes, I do realise how awesomely lucky I am to have a kid who likes to sleep in!! :wink: and my fasting numbers are about 90 to 110. Not bad.

So here is my question - on the weekends my hubby is home and gets up with my daughter. We usually stay up later and watch movies or something the night before, and he lets me sleep in as long as I want. These last few weeks have had me super tired, so the last few times I’ve slept all the way to 11:00am!

Is me not getting up to eat and take my shot at a normal time really bad? I usually have some popcorn or ice cream while we are watching the movies, so I am snacking later at night and my morning fasting level is still fine (it was 96 this morning).

Could I possibly be totally crashing at some point and not even know it? Wouldn’t my morning level reflect it if I was, or wouldn’t I wake up feeling bad? I really love sleeping in and I would hate to stop - but I will if it’s really not healthy.

Anyone know?

Seems like the only way to know would be to do some 3am testing on those nights to see if you reach levels too far out of your recommended range.

This is a source of tension with myself and my diabetes as well- the sleeping in. I am and always have been a really bad insomniac. I could go days without sleeping, facing extreme exhaustion but then a total inability to sleep. Despite hating to take medications to aid my sleep, I would take halved gravols to make me drowsy and put me out at night. When I don’t sleep enough, my blood sugar skyrockets, even with strict micromanagement. But I did exactly the opposite this morning, being that I work early mornings (up at 6am every day) I decided to sleep in for several hours and missed my regularly scheduled meal and morning dose. I pay for those days too. I wake up feeling lethargic, thirsty and dizzy, with a mild headache, poor sugars, and hot flashes for hours. Sadly, I have realized that I cannot sleep in. When I need the extra sleep, I will get up, as usual, have my meal and my dose, and perhaps take a nap after an hour or two, when my sugars have leveled out. Hope that helps.