Sleeping in?

I’m usually in good control during the morning, always eat the same breakfast and bouls the same amount. I got my pump about three weeks ago. Today I got up earlier cause I had an early appointment. I got up, had breakfast, bolused for 75 gr (Blood sugar was 100) and then the appointment was canceled.

So I decided to go back to sleep. Woke up 2 hours after eating … Blood sugar; 233 !!

I’m guessing that my metabolism slows down a lot while sleeping. my basal rate at night is pretty low, 0.2 units per hour is enough for me, if I go to bed around 120 I wake up around 110 with this basal rate without eating anything before sleep.

Maybe during sleep the insulin is less effective, I don’t know.

Has this ever happened to anyone ? Any ideas ?



Dawn Syndrome. Liver dump. for me every morning, same thing, I can wake up perfect, 20 minutes later it is on the rise, If I don’t stay up and move around same thing happens to me. So,weekend or not i am up at 5am.

Morning activity has a big influence on my sensitivity/absorption to my breakfast bolus. If I walk the mile from the T station to work, I need about 2.5u of insulin to cover my breakfast (25g) and I do pretty well. That’s actually slightly better than my ‘typical’ ratio of 1:7-1:8. But if I take the bus I need about 3.5-4u and my peak is typically higher and longer than when I walk but I sometimes go low later in the AM.