Sleeping on the pod?

I don't think there is any part of my body that I don't sleep on at least some of the time while I'm thrashing around in my sleep. Is sleeping with your full weight on the pod for extended periods of time going to be a problem?


It hasn’t been for me

Me neither! I’ve been sleeping on the pod for all 5 years that I have been a podster, never had a problem, except once when I rolled over onto my wife’s side of the bed, and i hit my arm (the pod was on that arm) and it “scraped” it off. I fortunately felt it enough to wake up, and I just immediately started a new one. Once in 5 yrars is pretty good, though, I think!

I haven’t had any problems. The biggest issue for me is discomfort. I make sure I place the pod far enough away from my ribs so it doesn’t push against them when I lay on the pod. I also have enough fat on my abdomen so the pod can sink in. If I had muscles, it would probably be more uncomfortable.


Great, thanks!!

I’m a little late on this one but, I believe that this was the subject of my very first post. As the others have stated…no problems for me. I usually have the pod on my lower back…sides or abdomen. These are definitely places involved with sleeping.

I’ve had problems but on my couch! I find it a little uncomfortable but usually it’s a hint that the insertion isn’t great for me. I sleep all sides as well, I think the spot I don’t like is my lower back and legs. I think pjs help when sleeping on it to, makes me feel like it won’t tear off.

Not for the pod, if that’s your concern.

I like it best on my stomach area, I don’t think I sleep on my stomach very much.

I too thrash around when I sleep, I have awakened more than once with my feet on the pillow and my head at the foot of the bed. I don’t know how I did it in a single bed without falling out.

Definitely concerned about the pod more than myself Gil. Reading the replies, it looks like I’ll have bigger issues than sleeping on my pod.

The practice pod lasted a grand total of 5 hours on the outside of my thigh before it got ripped off. It got hung up on the arm of my computer chair as I was plopping down. The adhesive remained stuck to my leg, but the pod ripped right off the adhesive. Never even got a chance to sleep with it on. =/

Thanks again for all the replies, and a little bit of insiight into the sleeping habits of pod users. =)

Ripping pods off is an issue. I have only ripped one off. It was on my abdomen below the waistband on my pants. When I got undressed, I caught the waistband on the pod, and off it came! Now I only place the pods above my waistband and haven’t had any more problems.

Try the inside of your thigh. That’s one of my favorite spots, along with my abdomen.

Last night was my first night sleeping on the pod, I didn’t feel a thing. I have the pod on the small of my back and I sleep on my back most of the time and I didn’t feel the pod.

Thanks for posting this question. I am considering an OmniPod and had the same question along with some others.

Np, this is a great group.

Don’t worry! I lost all my trial pods (even the Saline one form the CDE!) within an hour or two…but since putting insulin in them I’ve only lost 3 in 7 months!
One was when a car door was shut on my arm (oww! that left a bruise!)
Two was waterskiing in Malyasia… the driver was being an idiot and drove me into the wake of ferry traffic, the waves were HUGE
Three was falling out of a river raft, where somehow my hip was the only part of my body to touch the boat, I came out of the water with my sunglasses on my head, but no Pod! That one was a mystery for sure…

I imagine it was found later floating in the water. If it was found by a T!, they must have been thinking…'Where wouuld a fish get one of these?"

Wow Maia, you sound like Indiana Jones! So, as long as I’m not looking for the lost Ark of the Covenant, I should be fine. =)

It really is! I would visit this discussion group every day, even if I wasnt a Podster! The people in this group are from all ages, geographic aeas, and diabetic experiences! It is DEFINITELY the BEST discussion group at TU!

off of my back, apparently!