Sleepovers and parties

I was just diagnosed a month ago and I’m going to be going to a party this weekend. It’s going pretty late at night and I take my Lantus at 9. I don’t care about the testing and doing the shots and everyone at the party knows what to do if I’m low. I’ve pre-calculated boluses and I’m bringing diet soda, but what about my Lantus? I can’t do it myself :(! I hate the syringes in my leg (I don’t have enough fat to do it anywhere else). Even when my Mom does it, I make weird sounds to make a distraction for myself :). Could I wait an hour, or should I have my mom come over for a few minutes to do the shot? What do you do for sleepovers and/or parties?


i was diagnosed last dec. and i went to my first sleep over sinceit happend. and i do my own shot all the time is it the diaing of the lantis that you cant do? my mother diald it before i left so it was reddy. and i know how you feel i have no fat anywhere ether :o. and i do my lantis at differing times every night so its perfectly normal to wait an hour or so. just have your mom teach you how to do it and yaknow what? its over in 1 sec :). you ca even practice on oranges tho i never had to do that i kinda knew what do do right away (but im a quick learner) so just dont worry about it and try to get cofterble with doing the shot on your own. you will have to learn it some time for when your moms not there with you anyway. i hope i helped


well hun idk what to tell you… i usually do my own insulin but i have a pen and do it in the stomach. but you should really learn to do it yourself. just have your mom or someone dial or get the syringe ready and have them there with you. its really not that bad and you just really need to know how to do it yourself. the first sleepover that i went to after i was diagnosed was just me and my BFF and her mom is an RN but ya i did it all by myself. hope this helps hun stay well :smiley:

I expect you’ve already been to the party now, but for future reference, I was always told that lantus could be moved up to 1 hour forwards and 1 hour backwards.

wow, i remember when i got on lantus… i am real thin, too which makes it real hard to put in my sites… well i know this probably passed already, but i put them in my butt area, (kind of embarresing) but that was the easiest… but only for parites… i never let anyone do the shots for me but thats a looooong story! i am soo happy to have met sum1 with my age & conditions!!!

i agree with you maddy…The firat time when i was diagnosed and had a sleepover i was very nervous about giving my lantus because i also do it at 9pm. All my friends had seen me do my regular shot which is an insulin pen that i inject in my stomach. One of my friends has a Step mom that also has diabetes so my friend is very familiar with giving shots so if i have trouble i have her help me. It is tough but if you have brave friends you can teach them and if you feel comfortable let them do it. i am new at this website so i hope i typed this in the right place… stay well :slight_smile: