Slight change to medication routine to aid weight loss. what do you folks think?

I saw my diabetes nurse today and she’s more pleased with my numbers than I am. They’re not bad A1c 6.1%; cholesterol 3.4; Triglycerides 0.6(131.5); although my weight isn’t moving. She thinks I’m putting on muscle, because I’m definitely a dress size down. We discussed, and I’m going to try adding in a Metformin 500 at mid day for a month or 2, to see if it breaks the “stall” . I’m on Metformin 500 morning and evening at present, with Nateglinide available if my meal contains any carbs. (they often don’t) My nurse is a darling and in the last year, she’s come to accept that carbohydrates are not essential. She told me she has another patient doing well on low carbs. I think my numbers show that my focus has been on the weight and not on the control in the last couple of months. I obviously need to tighten up and stop avoiding taking the Nateglinide in case it increases my circulating insulin, I can do better if I rotate my focus. Is there anyone out there who thinks this may work?
The nurse also checked my foot circulation and sensitivity,both are excellent. She approves of my shoes!!
I gave my nurse the www for the diabetes symposium, which one of you kind folks pointed me to a few weeks ago.