Small Successes

I had an epiphany yesterday and finally figured out that my insulin-to-carb ratio was the culprit for my 3-hour post-prandial highs I was dealing with. I made one minor adjustment, and now today has been the best diabetes day I’ve had in ages. Three hours after breakfast I was 118, and three hours after lunch I was 105. Shazaam!

And having a “great diabetes day” made me think, what small success have you celebrated recently? Was it a great A1C? Did you find a substitution in your diet that did the trick? Did you start a new treatment? Get a new pump? Switch to a great doctor? Let’s celebrate our recent personal triumphs. And who knows? Your A-ha! from yesterday could be someone else’s Eureka! tomorrow.

On Monday, my podiatrist said I had the best diabetic feet she had ever seen - especially with 30 years under my belt. Kind of silly and trivial, but it sure brightened my day and made me feel proud.

i love the idea behind this thread. our small success lately is the same one you realized. we stopped goofing with basals and changed the insulin to carb ratios instead. my son’s bg’s are the best they have EVER been. even after cereal for breakfast - our team was astounded :slight_smile:

…until the next growth spurt!

I also love this thread Melissa— you’re awesome!

My epiphany a few months ago was taking my meal boluses 15-30 minutes before eating!! Goodbye post-meal highs!!! :slight_smile:

Congrat to Lee Ann on the beautiful diabetic feet :slight_smile: I keep an eye on mine as well— that would be one of the best compliments that i would want to hear! :slight_smile:

My most recent small success wasn’t actually that small … it was the lowest a1c I’ve had possibly since being diagnosed 26+ years ago! I haven’t cried like that out of pure joy in I don’t know how long! I still keep telling myself that I’m finally in control of my bg. That just feels so awesome!!

Congrats to everyone on their successes … a perfect adjustment, great feet, earlier bolusing … it can mean the world to us!!! :o)

I just started on the omnipod 2 weeks ago, and have so much better control! I used to feel “normal” when I was 200. But now when I hit highs I actually get the symptoms of a high! My CDE and Endo are very happy with the results so far, and so am I. I can’t believe I waited 11 years to get a pump…here’s to bright days ahead =)

I started on basal insulin a few weeks ago and it seems to work so well with my Novolog that I went out to dinner for my anniversary, ate an “almost” normal meal and still had great numbers afterwards. Many thanks to Mandy, who posted some good reasons for not waiting to use basal until the honeymoon is over. My last A1C was 5.3!

I found out on Saturday that my insurance had reversed their denial for the CGMS I asked for. By Wednesday morning, it was at my door!! Now I am hooked up and loving the “security” of it (also learning lots)!

well, today i had my A1C check again, by the way, i have the privilege to do this anytime i want since i work in the lab and I do the running of the hemoglobin A1Cs…anyways, today i was just curious what my A1C is, as it has been 3 months since the last visit to my endo, and A1C that time was 7.4…although i tested it last 9th July 08, and it was 6.7… but this morning i did it again, it was 6.3!!!..yay!.. im so happy…i guess this is my best diabetes day… and still workin to hit that 6.0 mark…

Congrats Marvin, that is great.

Congrats to everyone that posted. :slight_smile:

thanks Karen… i think this is my lowest A1C since diagnosis… all credit to my pump and CGMS…

I waited 10 years. Don’t feel bad! The timing just had to be right for you to be ready to accept the idea of pump therapy.

I copied Kristin’s suggestion of pre-meal bolusing, and it really has helped with the post numbers. I get the best ideas from people on this site, from those who have btdt!

I hope that everyone reads this thread for two reasons. First, to get ideas where so everyone can fine tune their diabetes control. And secondly, because we always focus on the negative with diabetes, and everyone can find something that they are doing right and can feel good about. It is so important to keep on the positive when dealing with diabetes:)