Small things, big victories

As many of you are familiar, I'm a T2 pumping insulin. Started just short of a year ago.

When I started, I was loading my pod with the maximum 200U, which would last me just exactly 2 days. Then a pod change.

Well, I've been determined to get the full 3 days out of a pod, and have been working toward that. I can go into the details of what changes I made in a response if anyone wants to know... However, I'm posting this because I need to crow about making it!

Today, second pod in a row, made it three days. And this one, made it all the way to the 72 hour expiration, with 12U left in the resevoir!

I'm currently in the "grace period", post 72 hours, where the pod keeps annoying me to change it for the next 8 hours until it finally shuts off and makes me change it.

I'm just thrilled! I've gained 20lbs since starting insulin therapy, and I expect this to help reverse that.

Well done Dave! Let me be the first to congratulate you.

You are smart to look at the total daily dose (TDD) of insulin and weight gains. I was recently surprised that I gained 6 pounds after stable weight for almost 2 years. When I checked my TDD, it had crept up from 35 to 50.

TDD is an often overlooked parameter of good control. I have a new respect for it. Congrats on good analysis, taking action, and moving toward a better outcome!

Thanks, Terry.

I deliberately ignored weight and several other issues while I worked to really get tight control of my BG. That was #1 priority, so while I paid attention, I didn't "have a cow" over the weight gain, as I'm pretty good at taking it off when that's my focus -- which it is now.

20lbs was a bit more than I would have liked, but I can drop that in 3-4 months without any big restrictions. Eat a bit less, walk a bit more. I'm very lucky that way. And, that will probably lower my TDD even more.

Yeah, I’ve heard that recent weight gains come off more easily than ones allowed to remain for longer periods. Good luck.