Small Town Humor

Ok so I was on my way to the base this morning to pick up my dad (who has PT at 6am?!?) and there was like 6 cars in line with the MP (military police) standing in the road. This solider drives up next to me and waved at my to roll down my window. So I do and he says “Man have you ever seen a traffic jam like this!” I was thinking to myself IT IS ONLY 6 CARS!!!

Just moving from one of the largest cities in the country(Houston,tx) I have seen traffic jams were you are sitting in your car for 2 hrs and only to move 2 feet! Anyways just thought I would share some of my life…

LOL! try the front gate at Charleston AFB! a mile long. sit wait. idiots at the gate drinking coffee.go slide thru the back gate alot faster!

I live in a small military town too, so know what you mean!

LOL Small towns what can you say!!! HA!