Smaller Dog for DAD?

Employment is covered under Title 1 of the ADA. As long as your employer is not a church or a federal agency, you have the right to have a Service Dog with you if you are a person with a disability as defined within the ADA. The ADA Amendment Act cleared up a lot of the mess the Supreme Court made in terms of definition.

Sec. 4 is the definition -

employment discrimination on the basis of disability (includes a lot of links) -

Title 1 of the ADA -

Churches who do not rent space to a secular group are exempt from the ADA. Federal Agencies follow the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 -

Also, if you have to attend to the dog to the point you cannot do your job, then the dog is not trained enough and should not be there.

Thank you Paula,

I don't know if I'm at the point where I need to have a dog at work with me- but I would like one for at home and for when I sleep to take that worry away. Even a well trained dog may be a distraction for me when teaching as my students can be super demanding. I would be training the dog myself, I have little experience in this so I'm not sure how well trained he or she would be.