Smaller yet lower, is it worth it?

So as im sure most of you can relate, loosing weight with diabetes can seem like a never ending muddy mountain you keep trying to climb yet slide down. About two months ago I started using my fitness pal and thank God I finally found something that works for me to actually loose weight. My problem is when I cut the calories my insulin levels drop so quickly and drastically it feels like my head is spinning…literally. Since loosing 15 pounds I’ve relished in the compliments and how good I feel but I’ve also passed out twice and continuously battling lows. I’m even working out less now because I know I’ll get low again. Of course I’ve tried lowering my insulin levels but it seems like it’s never enough. My doctor has lowered as well and I still have the same problem. I’m now questioning if I want to be a chubby girl and feel a little more normal or a weak good looking emotional roller coaster lol. Has anyone had the same issue? I need all the tips I can get! I feel like shaking people who are not battling an illness and still complain about how hard weight loss is.

Hi Elyssia .Are you newly diagnosed? You may want to, as you loose weight, systematically lower your insulin dosages. Read the books Using Insulin and/or Pumping Insulin- John Walsh if you are on a pump; as well as think Like a Pancreas, by Gary Scheiner. both books are easy to read and have charts and tips for establishing basal rates and insulin correction factors,carb ratios, etc. Sounds like you need a redo of your insulin dosages. You cannot do it all at one time. It is too overwhelming. Get your basal, long acting dosages correct first, then work on your bolusses for food snd corrections. It will take a while but you can get it so you do not have to have so many lows; and should not have to wait to see the doctor to take your well-being into your own hands. I know it sounds scary to do it yourself, but believe me,after a while, it will become "old hat" and familiar, makking your own insulin decisions backed by trial and error experimentation and documentation. BTw, if you want varied and more numerous responses to your blog topics, I suggest you post it as a discussion on the type 1 forum or General forum. More people go there rather than to the blogs.

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Hope you are feeling well todsay.

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Thanks sweetie! I was diagnosed at the small age of 6, but with my parents controlling for me as a child and not caring as a teenager just wanting to be “normal” it’s almost like I am newly diagnosed! I will most certainly see if I can order those books on amazon. My doctor is good to work with but I have found doing it myself is better. I’m the only one who knows my body. How exactly do I specify my blogs for type 1’s? These are some great tips. God bless you too on this beautiful Sunday.

Hey Elyssia, congrats on the weight loss. We all understand how truly difficult it is to balance insulin, weight loss, food and exercise. Brunetta is completely right about getting your basal levels straightened out first then move on to the IC ratios and Sensitivity factor(s). As you lose weight, you gain muscle and this is a much more efficient tissue at using glucose than fat is. As a result you become more sensitive to insulin and need significantly less. Last year I was using upwards of 50-60 units of lantus/Humalog every day. With a 60 pound weight loss and switch to a pump my current dose is a little more than 30 units a day. But finding that correct amount has been a whole lot of trial and error. It also helped me tremendously to get a CGM. While I am not a huge fan of being akin to a bionic woman, the dexcom has certainly opened my eyes to what was going on in my body. Good luck.

a few thoughts, are you eating enough maybe you can afford to eat a bit more and maintain the weight loss with consistent exercise. to keep energy and bs levels up it is a good idea to always eat some fat and protein with every meal or snack, fat is not the enemy! also drinking lots of water helps with energy levels and helping to maintain a healthy weight. like the others suggest trial and error ( unfortunately) are the only way to find your new normal with your insulin needs. great job, have patience and let us know how you are doing! blessings, amy

Thanks guys all extremely helpful. I tried the CGM and it was so painful I couldn’t tolerate it for more than an hour. :frowning: I wish they would come out with a more comfy system as I would love to have one that didn’t inflict so much pain.