Smarties Candy alert

Some fad is going around…to see this please search for Smarties on your browser. It appears that middle school kids are taking to smashing up a pack of the little rolls and snorting them…not a fake post here. Search this out if you have kids that take those rolls to school for lows…this grandmother is just outraged. What next?? And now I see this on YouTube…do you send kids to school with Smarties? Nothing is innocent any more. I am behind the times…this has been the case for awhile I see.
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Remember the "candy cigarettes" and "pixie sticks" from when we were kids? The sugar was pre-pulverized!

Just like they have been working on inhaled insulin for decades... wonder if anyone has ever worked on an inhaled hypo remedy.

Hi Sandy -
Apparently this is an "urban legend", see more information about it here.

are teachers on the look out for this…seems as though Smarties would be an attractive remedy for lows

or an effective sublingual?

that was very enlightening and just shows us how complicated even the simple things are…thank you for the info angivan…worth the read…