Smile, 'cause that's a beautiful life! !-)

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 23 years ago. By the way, did you know that the very word 'diabetes" is Greek, first used by the great physician Aretaeus? Since then, I 've lived with the hope that a cure will be the end of my everyday worries…Sadly, while everywhere in the world, diabetics live in better conditions than ever before and have the quality of their lives improved, in my country we still demand the basics: better medical treatment in hospitals, better coverage of our medical expenses, better insuranse and up-to-date medical equipment. I really want all that to change!

And unfortunately for you, your country has big trouble with their finances, which doesn’t help to have better help and medical treatment.

You are so right! Since mid-2008 I had to put up with the ignorance of well-educated (and well-paid) doctors about any serious diabetic complication (I already struggle with 3 of them), my medical insurance (who haven’t even heard of insulin pumps) and the damn pharmaceutical companies who threaten to illiminate any insulin supplies in Greece (creating havoc) because the goverment decided to lower the price of their drugs. I am feeling so trapped! Many private insurance companies have closed, leaving thousands of people without insurance and forcing them to pay their own expences. The public sector (medical insurance) is so completely messed up and out of money, that we don’t even know if we will get our insulins and other supplies, for the summer. There are no money left, they say. But, although we 've being paying for our medical insurance for decades now and we’ve been working endlessly, many of us we’ll soon get no drugs, or will see their pensions being cut to half (type 2diabetics over 50). I don’t really know how much longer we can put up with all that, before stress takes a horrible toll on us…

Oh my god ! It is worst than I thought ! I really hope for you that everything will be better soon. As a diabetic, you need these drugs, you can’t live without them. That is a question of life and death. It is frustrating that we could not help you as you are very far.

But you keep smiling :wink: