Smith & Nephew IV Prep Recall

I learned today that Smith & Nephew has recalled their IV Prep pads. They have listed certain lot numbers, but also have indicated that patients should not use any IV Prep pads and just use alcohol pads. Of the four boxes I have, two are from the lot numbers listed in the press release. One of the two boxes, I’ve been using since November and haven’t had any problems. The product recall information is on the Animas website under product safety. Darn, I really like using the IV Preps.

I forget where I saw that and I menat to check the lot numbers on mine. I use alcohol pads now anyway but should check so I know whether or not to toss them!

Boy, I just hate to toss them. The latest box I have was shipped to me by Animas on February 17. They are a good bit more expensive than regular alcohol pads. Seems like a waste, especially since I’ve been using an affected lot for so long. I’ll toss them too, just hate to. You may have seen the information on Tony’s Blogging Diabetes.

I wonder if they will replace them? I think they should since people paid for them. You are right, they are expensive.

I’ll call Animas tomorrow and see what they say. If we can’t use any of the IV Preps, no matter what lot they come from, I would hope they would exchange more than one box of alcohol pads for each box of IV Prep pads. We’ll see. I’ll let you know.

If Animas doesn’t, maybe Smith & Nephew will. A few years ago when Pepter Pan had their recall, I had some of that peanut butter. They had you send the bottle tops to them for a refund.

I do have a contact number for Smith & Nephew - 800-876-1261. This is their customer service number and they are open 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.EST.

I am going to go grab my box & see if it is one of the lot numbers. If they are sayingn not to use any, I will call & see what they say,.

I wrote about this a few days ago at:

Seems like they don’t have a solution at this time…

Dang. I need to check lots… I have a bunch at home and need it since I’m allergic to adhesive (have to use both IV prep and Bard). Thanks for the heads up.

I just talked to customer care at Smith & Nephew about this. They are saying that the product with only the identified lot numbers is affected. If its a 6 diget number (without letters), those are fine. This applies just to the 5 diget numbers with a letter and identified in the recall. As far as replacement, refund, etc. Smith & Nephew is referring people back to where they purchased the product. Hope this helps.

Where are you all finding the lot numbers on your IV Prep? I’m having a hard time locating mine. Thanks!

You are not the only one Jason. My box has no numbers remotely like those quoted. Neither the Animas nor Smith’s notice gives a diagram showing the lot number!

I finally found out where to look at the CWD forums.
The lot number is in two places - on the inside of the flap of the box (which I tear off when I open a new box).
And - on the crimping of each packaged prep.
My older boxes from before Christmas, the lot numbers were a long string of numbers and /'s.
New boxes, just received, have the shorter lot numbers.

I had a hard time finding the number as well. It’s on the inside of the top flap of the box or on the bottom crimped edge of the individual package the pad comes in.

Where do we find the list of lot #s. I have a box of the I prep pads. I use them for my Dexcom sensor. I want to check the box I have.

A link…

Recalled lots

Thanks…i can’t seem to find the lot # either. The only #s I found was the Rev # and a set of #s in front of the box (not the #59421200) and the number on the right that is after made for:.

Amy, look under the top flap of the box or on the crimped area on the bottom front of the package the actual pad comes in.

Thanks…my box is a recalled box. so what do I do with it?