Smoke free

Well today I quit smoking. I had smoked this time since 1994 and had recently gotten up to 2.5 - 3 packs a day. A lot of the time the cigarettes just burned up while I was on the computer… but that was all money up in smoke… literally.

So I planned it out… I got a deal on Nicorette and I told the husband that we need to quit. He’s going on this ride too…
Last night… well this morning at 2:30am I stubbed out my last cigarette and went to sleep… Today has been not too bad actually. I’ve only had 3 surprising cravings. Sitting at the computer… I find myself fishing around for the “missing” pack… almost unconsiously. So I put a rubber band on my wrist and snapped it hard when I found myself doing that. Another sharp craving was when I ate dinner… afterwards… some 11 hours after waking up… a strong craving. Whoa… went and brushed my teeth.

My online friends at another site have been very supportive. Sending me messages of support all day long. They rock!

So I’m into Day 1 by 14 hours now and I feel pretty good. :o)

Update: Today is day 6. Still haven’t had even one puff… and I’m starting to wean myself off the nicotine gum. The stuff is nasty anyway.

Sending you positive vibes and willpower via the PC! You can do it, hang in there! I will be quitting soon, I really need too :stuck_out_tongue:

Last weekend there was a Q for $10 off Nicorette… with this weeks by one get one 50% off deal at Rite aid with two $5 rebates… it brought the cost of nicorette gum and lozenges to $22 each. That’s less than a carton is smokes… so it made sense.

Thanks for the positive vibes. I’m doing pretty good… I still get that “lung” want… but then I just do deep breathing through a straw. Hey works for me! :o)

fantastic! the first couple of days are the worst. I’m so glad your husband is quitting too. I think that’s the only way. Another good thing to do is take some walks when you get a craving.

Glad you have quit smoking. Now please send some of those vibes over to me. I’ve unsuccessfully tried twice this year so far. I plan to keep trying.

You can do it!!! Stay Strong!!

My husband quit three years ago this week. It’s hard, but you can do it!!! Wishing you a successful first week!

Good for you! You can do it!!!

Way to go!!! Keep it up!

Thanks everyone… I’m doing ok. Still have a few twinges… but doing good. :o) I’ll keep you informed.

ha! you guys are awesome… Day 6 is here and still no smoking. :o)

Hi Sylvia, Here it is almost July. I was thinking about you and wondering if you are still off the cigarettes.

No, was doing ok then started having huge problems with stress and my glucose went haywire. AND I gained 15 lbs. I’m still not smoking as much as I did previously so it’s still a step in the right direction. I only smoke outside now too. I do have more Nico-gum so I’ll be attempting again soon.

Keep at it Sylvia! It’s a tough, tough battle. My husband is struggling now too… but still smoking.

Thank for the encouragement Kristin. I quit once before for 8 years…gained 90lbs in 3 months. People thought I was pregnant. LOL.