Smoking Cessation Tips Anyone? I'm 50+ going on 90 (so it seems) -

Back in March I began to see a new doctor, ironically an Endo. I am 51 yrs old so the doctor had quite a list of the “you’re at that age” things for me to do… colonoscopy, sleep study, blood work, quit smoking, etc. The blood work revealed something that was never present before… 135 fasting glucose. I was diabetic. Wow! Unfortunately I knew nothing about diabetes… no family history, wasn’t severely overweight (although he recommended a 5-10 pound weight loss), and no clue what to do other than “google” the keyword and find some remarkable websites… like this one! Who would have thought my pancreas would hate me after fifty years? I had so many questions which I continue to answer one at a time with your help and support.

Well I did all of the tests on the doctor’s “to do” list and now working on the smoking cessation. I am on Day #5 of the nicotine patch even though he prescribed Chantix. I have just heard too many horror stories about it. I have been smoking for probably 40 years now (yup, I started at 12) and I know that I have to quit for many reasons so I’m simply looking for any tips on how to successfully quit smoking without gaining so much weight that I look like the Kook Aid Man (oh, yeah). I am finding myself hungry and so proud that since January I have lost 23 pounds and at 5’11" I am down in the 176-180 weight range, where I am happy. I just don’t want to gain it back but I want to stick to the patch program and stay off the cigarettes for good. This is not my first attempt to quit but I am determined to make it my last.

Any tips?

Nicotine addiction is a double edged sword theres the physical need/dependancy which is pretty much sorted after the first few days but the other edge is the mental thing, that life was sooo much better when you smoked (which of course you and I both know it isn’t)
My top tips would be don’t look at it as a sacrifice… after all what are you losing exactly? Look at it like freedom after a long incarceration. When you feel a pang stop analyse it and then feel stronger because you are free.
Withdrawal is very much like the feeling of hunger which is why you substitute food for fags, it helps to know that what you might interpret as ‘hunger’ isn’t actually, it’s the little habit trying to make you fail. If you ignore it or do something left brained (logical/non-emotional) like house work/fixing something etc it will go away honestly.
I took it upon myself to clean the whole house, desmoke-ifying it whenever I felt a pang. which also gave me more incentive not to smoke as my sense of smell was improving I didn’t want everything to smell again (two birds one stone).
I also read Allen Carr’s book, which makes a lot of sense and seems to work if you’re committed to it.
Minty chewing gum/sugar free mints help too oh and the elastic band aversion therapy trick works for some too… i.e. wear an elastic band on one arm, not too tight, and every time you feel a pang/weak twang the band on your wrist…
Hope some of that helps x

When I decided to quit smoking I took Zyban. You can get a prescription from your doctor and what it did was made cigs taste DISGUSTING- basically like licking the bottom of an ashtray. I also avoided triggers as much as I could during that time- stop drinking alchol which of course made me want to smoke and had good friends that were super supportive.
Another good idea is to pick a quit date but give yourself enough time to begin to reduce the number you smoke a day leading up to the quite date. I smoked like there was no tomorrow the day before my first quit date and got myself all upset the night before. My friend who ironically enough worked with addicts said that I needed to ease into it. I quit and had smoking dreams for a while but now I don’t even like being around smoke. GOOD LUCK and just try to think of the health and financial benefits of quitting!

Great advice and really inspirational. I hope it’s a one day at a time thing and this has not been my longest attempt yet but let me say that I am hoping (no, I am believing) that this is it for me. We all know the reasons to quit and we all know the excuses to fail so I’m just doing this by originally counting hours, now counting days and soon will be counting weeks and months and years!!! You guys are awesome in the kind words to each other and I thank you for the replies.

I have a prescription for Chantix but really afraid to use it. I even filled it but I have patches left from my last attempt. I have two more patches and going out this afternoon to buy another box of 14 instead of cigarettes like I would normally do. I stopped this past Tuesday as I headed into my office. I had smoked my last cigarette and put on a patch. This is Day #5 now and I must say that I don’t have cravings for cigarettes (only for massive quantities of food). I know this is a battle like any other. Thanks to each and all of you for the encouragement, prayers, comments, messages and just kind thoughts!!! What a great bunch of people!!!

Hey Ray the reason I won’t say anything is b/c I tried to stop but the ciggs won! LOL! Going to give it another try when things around here settle down a bit!

My wife quit successfully five years ago when diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. I’m very proud of her. I have attempted and failed several times along the way but I feel that today I am five days closer to her five years than I was five days ago. I am trying to think positive and BE positive. Unless the time is right, nobody is going to quit anything so let me know if and when there’s anything that I can do to help you. For now… I am going to go in search of food!!! :wink:

LOL! What sounds good? When I tried to quit ANYTHING sounded good! I muched on carrotts for 3 days! LOL!

Doris… just don’t ask what I’d do for a Klondike bar!!! :slight_smile:

AND… I will never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop!!!


I’m sorry… we seem to have static on the line… I can’t hear you… “the number you have reached is being checked for trouble. Please hang up and try your call again… this is a recording… 612 6”

LOL! Your cell is messing up! LOL!