sounds great!

oh my gosh, no. I must have quit or tried 30 different times…
I mean don’t get me wrong I can quit but I tend to eat instead and that’s not something I want either.
I’m by no stretch obese or even heavy but I do weigh more than I want and don’t want to add to it.
My husband smokes too and that makes it hard.

I worry about weight too. Smoking is probably worse, but if I could lose enough I might be able to lose the insulin.

im only 12 and i dont know much about smoking but as a diabetic i have found it easier to come over obstacles. I guess just do something like eat and apple instead if you are havinng a serious craving go out somewhere with your friends and dont bring any ciggiarettes

Great advice!!!
You keep up the good work honey, don’t ever pick those things up and you’ll be set for life. You have the right attitude so I know you’ll be able to accomplish anything you set your mind too

No you are not the only one… Who told you it was bad for diabetics? It is bad for ANYONE! I was once told (by a “doctor”) that it effected blood sugars it does not. The only reason they say it is bad is because with diabetes you have a high risk of heart attack and the same with diabetes.

Sorry for the rant… No I am having trouble with it too.

I recently quit… july 2007, I used the prescription Chantix… works wonderful… I was a heavy smoker for over 20 years… Give it a try…

Hey man me too! I smoke and it is so stupid, but it’s so addicting. My doctor tells me all the time to quit and I will for awhile and then bam right bac to it.

i just got the script for chantix today. haven’t set my quit date yet, still mulling it over. i have smoked since i was 18 and am now going on 48. unfortunately it is still something i enjoy. but since i was diagnosed a month and a half ago with type 1 i have decided i like my toes and feet right where they are so i had better quit. thankfully i live alone and don’t have many friends that smoke. so with in the next week i will set my quit date and i will be right there beside all of u who are trying to quit or have quit. wish me luck!

Hi there,
I am trying to quit too, I had a target date of Feb 18th and I am still puffin away much to my dismay. I had a heart attack last month(I am not the D…my husband and daughter are) and I know I need to quit. I am on Zyban …Its just so dang hard…So no you are not the only one having a hard time and YOU ARE NOT ALONE…We just have to keep trying… Good luck and if you wanna chat or stay in touch kinda be a support buddy kind of thing that would be gr8…Good luck…Lisa