Snacks for 5k walk

I recently signed my daughter and I up to participate in the JDRF Walk next month, and I've just realized that having appropriate snacks for her is probably going to be key. Any veteran walkers out there have advice for what type of snacks & maybe more importantly the quantity of snacks I should have on hand? Thanks

hi there, so 5K is like 2 and 1/2 miles ish I am thinking, so not a huge walk and probably mostly flat easy terrain. if the walk is in the morning I would make sure she has a good breakfast with some protein and fat perhaps a little less insulin. there will be a lot of excitement and adrenaline at an event like this so this could run her high. I would test her before the walk and if say under 140 ish give her about 15 grams of carb say some crackers or an apple juice. for the walk knowing you have set things up right she should be fine have apple juice or what ever you use to treat a low on you with water and perhaps a granola bar and you should be good to go. we do a lot of walking and my son usually only has to worry about going low if our walk is longer than an hour or if its a challenging hike. but even 'low level' walking can bring him down so we are always prepared and good to know where they are at before they start! have a great time! amy