What do you eat for snacks? I normally eat fruit. I’m also trying to loose about 10 lbs and since fruit = carbs I need an alternative snack.

I like to have fruit as a snack as well, but I also like raw veggies such as carrot and celery sticks. Jicama slices are also pretty good.

Beef Jerkey is my favorite snack right now. If you are interested in wieght loss you may want to consider the free foods that you are likely as burnt out on as I am like SF Jello and pickles.

What are Jicama slices?

I LOVE Beef Jerkey and SF Jello!

Just curious, since I’ve never had to loose weight before how does not eating carbs affect energy levels?

If you are trying to lose weight, why would you eat snacks? If you have 3 nutritious meals a day there should be no need to snack and the less food, the more weight loss. If I ate snacks between meals I would gain weight, not lose it!

Jicama is a wonderful, crunchy sweet vegetable that tastes great in salads to.

Good point Zoe!

Because I eat very small meals, I’m ready for a snack when the time arises. It keeps my energy level up and it also keeps me from going low.

I suppose I’ll have to make some basal changes if I go to eating veggies for snacks instead of fruits? Hmmm…but, then if my basal is set correctly, I shouldn’t have to change it, I would just not bolus for my veggie snack since it would be a free food? Is that correct?

here is a discussion with many replies about low carb snacks

There was a recent discussion about Cottage Cheese. It makes an excellent snack ( also a good meal for breakfast or lunch) it only has 5gms of carbs/ 1/2 cup. It also has protein about 8 gms. You can even eat it with those veggies.

Some type 1s may be lucky enough not to bolus for veggies. I bolus for all carbs (less 1/2 of fiber if over 5 g). You may need to watch your basals based on the different glycemic indexes of the fruits vs. veggies and your upcomming weightloss.

You know dietitians are used to saying one needs to eat snacks because long ago Regular insulin was used and it lasted a long time. With Humalog we don’t need to eat snacks.
That being said, when I eat snacks, it’s pecan halves, cottage cheese, ultra thin ham slices.

You gotta’ burn calories to lose weight. Of course eating smart, eating less and fewer carbs helps, but clearly more exercise will help a lot. You can easily exercise enough that you NEED more carbs - what a sweet proposition!

Thanks for the link Marie! BTW…how do you search for previous discussions on TuDiabetes? I hate to keep repeating questions that have already been asked.

Yes, there would be no need to alter your basals because of a food intake change, although once you start losing weight you might have to reduce all your insulin. I don’t really believe in “free foods”. Vegies do have carbs. I estimate them at 5 grams for a cup of raw veggies and 5 grams for 1/2 C cooked vegies. So I long ago measured my bowls I use for salads at 2Cups and know that whenever I have a salad it’s 10 carbs. I don’t know if you are on MDI or a pump, but if you’re on MDI and you have a small amount of vegies for a snack, depending on your I:C ratio, it might be less than 1 unit. You’ll just have to see by trial and error.

I eat carrots all the time for snacks. They are low in calories, but can be addicting to eat. Also, onions, peppers, celery, and cucumbers are good too.

pepperoni slices (turkey, not beef), Low fat string cheese, v8, almonds. I eat these all almost daily :slight_smile:

Sportster, what Zoe said! :wink:

I’m sure you’ve seen Jicama at the grocery store. Wally World even carries them now. You can read more about them here.

pistachios, other nuts, cheese, beef jerky (seems popular!), veggies and dip, berries (lower carb fruit) and lots and lots of water :slight_smile: