Snafu at the State Fair

Yesterday I went to the Minnesota State Fair, after seeing on the news that we're in for an "extreme heat advisory" next week.
The plans were to meet my friends, Ross and Valerie at noon. I decided to go out a couple of hours early to see the stuff I was personally interested in.
I overslept so got ready in a hurry, and transferred everything from my purse to my back pack. I was halfway to the bus when I realized that I hadn't packed any glucose tabs, but figured that there'd be plenty to eat. Fat chance of me going low at the fair.

I covered a lot of ground and chose to go to our meetup spot at 11:30 so I could rest. About two minutes later, my bg crashed. 54. Lovely. I didn’t want to use up any blood glucose by wandering around for a pop stand, so just sat there. Then a seemingly kind middle-aged man sat next to me. I told him what was happening, pushed $20 into his hand and asked him to go and get me some Coke. Adding, btw, that he should also get something for himself.

15 minutes passed. Well, maybe the lines were long.

20 minutes.

Then 30.

I hear Valierie’s voice.

V: Hi Kathy.

K: (unresponsive)

V; You don’t look too good - are you okay?

K; (blubering) The man took my money.

R; What? Were you robbed? we have to call security.

K No, I gave it to him.

R (to V): She’s acting weird, maybe he hit her on the head.

V: Kathy, did you hurt your head? Did he push you down on the cement?

K; (wailing) I’m…low…

R (to V): Why didn’t you think of that?

V; Well, you’ve know her for years too. Why didn’t YOU think of it?Ross then dumps the entire contents of my backpck on the bench. Some of my potassium pills fell through the slats and got lost in the grass.

V; What are you doing, you dip head?

R: She always has sugar with her.

V; Go and get her some pop. Now!!

Ross returns quite quickly, snadowed by the elderly, apron-clad owner of the Italian sausage sandwich stand. Both were carrying 2 big cups of root beer.

R; I told him it was a medical emergency (beaming proudly).

I rebounded quickly, but sure didn’t feel like walking around anymore. So I went to an English jumping show at the horse arena, and V & R went to the midway. We later met for supper at the beer garden.

I sure hope the guy who took my money enjoyed himself. The nerve!!

Awww Kathy!! I'm so glad you came out of that OK!
What a low brow that man is!
The moral of the story....LOAD UP ON CANDY!!
hugs ♥

and THANK GOD you were meeting friends!

Oh that’s awful for many reasons. First for the obvious, what an ignorant jerk to take your money. 2, the low! Oh thank god you got it up. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t get mine up and passed out in a restaurant . The owners layer me down over 3 chairs and called 911. Worst experience with diabetes so far for my 29 years of diabetes life. My sugar got down to 24. I now bought a glucagon kit that I leave in my purse for the not so easy times. Good luck,I glad you recouped but I bet you won’t forget glucose tabs! You were lucky!

Hi Kathy, what a Day at the Fair! I found a bit of a solution for myself: I wear cargo pants everywhere. Don't know how to dress up anymore, I just wear my cargo pants with the pockets stuffed full of D stuff, etc., with the overflow in a Spibelt. A Large Pocket Spibelt is on it's way to me as I write. And somewhere in my lumpy-pocketed cargo pants is supposed to be my glucose tabs, human error is possible there! I'd rather have my handy-dandy Mini York Bars, but they get all melty. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the day after the low and loss of $20 to a real jerk.

Not kind to take your money and disappear. Glad things went well once your friends found you and hope despite everything you enjoyed your day at the fair.

Kathy, so glad you are ok. I have had unexpected lows that dropped me quickly at public places as well. Not to worry about showing up on the perps blog: Thieving,cruel people like that,particularly at his age, usually have limited literacy skills. He probably thinks a "blog" is either a ballon log flume ride, or something deep fried; and went to search for them at the fair.
It again, is great you at least got to see a show at the Fair and dinner with your friends.

oh no, what a horrible person... :( I would like to kick him you know where! I'm glad you had your friends there to help you and the restaurateur to come to the rescue... glad you still had fun too!