"Snappy Comebacks"

Don't you ever lie awake and think of all the snappy comebacks that you wish you told someone after they said something irritating about diabetes? I did, then I made a Vlog about it. Get ready to laugh!

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Nope. Once at work I was eating a white chocolate macadamia cookie about 3:00 PM ("recognition") and my boss was like "is that ok" and his bosses Admin next to him asked "do I need to call an ambulance" and I said "I'm going to run 5 miles tonight and this is 15G of carbs [I eat the Pepperidge Farm Renos before races sometimes and they are 15G of carbs too...] so it's 'just what the doctor would order'."

Hi Cathrine,

i think of, and use, snappy comebacks whenever possible. I just wish it would be correct to use them as necessary, rather later, when musing. Good job of writing them down. Your video is spot on and cute to watch.

How is the pink Ping?

Be well.

Brian Wittman

Hahaha, I thought you'd say that acidrock. You're a diabetic badass to come up with comments on the spot! Maybe someday I will to.
Thanks Brian! I'm so glad you enjoyed the video :) It was really fun to make. The pink Ping is amazing! I really haven't had any problems. I dance and swim with it all the time :) I LOVE diabetes technology!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your clog. I hear ALL of those on a daily basis…OMG it pisses me off… Loved it! Very clever…

Damn auto spell. Sorry. Vlog