Snorkeling! Swimming!

Hawaii draws me in like no other place. We could retire as soon as next year, at latest in 3 years.

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Wow, what a life you lead!! I’d love to swim with the turtles, as long as they are okay with it!! :slight_smile: My sisters live in Hawaii on Oahu. Next time I visit (when and if quarantine ends) I will want to try this!

Congratulations on getting the Libre2 working for you in the water, despite being a bit off compared to the meter. So good to know there is an underwater solution!

The turtles seem to care less you are there. In this area I think they are probably pretty used to people. We don’t purposely swim right up to them, but sometimes you come up on them suddenly or they swim towards you, they will even swim along side you. But we try to stay 10-15 feet away so we don’t disturb them.

But there is something about seeing these guys that give you instant peace and joy!

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