Snow! Lots of Snow!

It frickin’ snowed in Houston, TX! What is up with the world?

What was to have been just sleet and rain became about 4 inches of snow in certain parts! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even though it was flippin’ cold!

I miss my flip flops so much.

Anyway, I found some pics that have been post around, so have a look on my page!

ps - Did I say that it was cold?!?

Haha, I live in Bryan/College Station and was quite shocked yesterday as well!! I even saw some nice sized snowmen being built! I kinda liked it though since it almost never happens. Would have like it more if work were canceled!

No worries though, I’m sure you’ll be able to wear your flip flops come the weekend; it’ll probably be back over 70!

Oh yeah you guys got snow WAY earlier than we did! I assume it snowed all day for you?

Who knews Texans were so skilled at making snowmen?

ps - I totally go up to College Station from time to time. I use to teach dance lessons up there!

It did snow pretty much all day. SO unusual. I can’t think of another time in the 9 years I’ve lived here that it’s done that. It was still beautiful on the ground this morning, but has melted in the past couple hours.

That’s awesome you taught dance lessons here. What kind of dance? I used to dance–ballet/tap/jazz/modern, but stupidly stopped about 6 years ago.

I teach swing dancing in Houston for the Houston Swing Dance Society, but a group called the Aggie Swing Cats up in College Station needed a teacher and I was that teacher. Now I just go up every now then for a dance on the weekends and some of them come down on the weekends and dance here.

You should never stop dancing! It brings joy!

Seriously. I could not believe that as I walked out of my CLEAR LAKE Kroger, it was snowing. And hard. Just mile a or 2 from the bay. It is totally crap that we have to deal with hurricanes and snow in a 3 month span. So so so wrong.

I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you are right! So weird, this had better not become a habit.