So after bragging that I never get sick

My blood sugars have been super high for about a week now. I mean, I'm taking 80-90+ units of insulin a day and am STILL running in the double digits (200-300+) almost all the time, except for some random lows. I was feeling a bit tired and blah for the past week so just figured it was a combination of stress and maybe fighting off a bit of a cold. I was determined to hold off the cold bug until after my HUGE important thesis-related session tomorrow afternoon.

Then this morning I woke up tossing and turning at 5:30 AM, and when I got out of bed I realized my face was all swollen and achy around my cheeks, ears, and chin, and I felt terrible. I didn't have a fever, but the facial swelling combined with my persistently high blood sugars was alarming enough that I called in sick to work and went to a walk-in clinic to get it checked out.

I was expecting to be given some antibiotics or something. I wasn't expecting to be told that the doctor thought I had MUMPS!

Yeah, apparently the vaccine can "wear off" in some people. He sent me for some bloodwork, then told me to go home and take some Tylenol and rest and quarantine myself in my apartment for the next week or so.

Needless to say, I freaked out and after many phone calls and e-mails cancelled my thesis session, which involved about ten people and takes forever to re-organized. I know, because ti's already been cancelled once back in the summer due to other circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully the third time will be the charm so I can finally finish my study and graduate!

Of all the unlucky things that could happen, I happen to get a rare, contagious disease that I was supposedly vaccinated against in the ONE week that it would mess up my thesis study. But my thesis supervisor was very sympathetic.

I'm also kind of annoyed that I have the week off next week, but it's booked off as vacation time in which I was planning to write up my results section of my thesis, which won't be happening now. Plus, being quarantined and feeling sick is hardly a vacation. From the reading I've done, it sounds like I might feel worse before I start feeling better, which the doctor said will probably be in a week or so.

I suppose one good thing is I did get my A1c done today. But if I get the results of my other tests back and it says mumps, I'll probably be cancelling my endocrinologist appointment, anyway. But it'll be interesting to see what my A1c is, despite the last week of terrible control. At least that's now explained by being sick.

Thanks for the well wishes!

I checked my blood test results online (except the one that had to be sent away for mumps testing) and am confused because everything except my RBC is normal. I thought during infection/illness the white blood cells would be elevated. My result was 8.5 which is higher than what it normally is (6-7) but still far below 11 which is the upper limit.

Also, my A1c is 7.2!!! My last one was 7.7 and I have not had an A1c below 7.4 in over two years!!! I am very happy, especially considering how high I've been running this past week! I'm sure my next one will be even better!

I'm sorry you have the mumps, that is horribleā€¦ and missing your thesis again, vacation while sick, what a pain.. but at least your a1c is good :)

I'm glad to know that my posts seem positive, sometimes I just feel like I'm complaining. LOL. But I agree, I'm happy that I did what needed to be done yesterday without freaking out (well, maybe I freaked out for a few minutes, then did what needed to be done). I feel worse today than I did yesterday, and my face is even more swollen. I woke up in the middle of the night with my jaw hurting a lot, although I slept for 12 hours, so that's good. I'm sooooo glad I cancelled today! Yesterday I wasn't feeling that sick and wouldn't have gone to the clinic if not for the facial swelling, but I'm feeling sicker today, and there is no way I would feel up to presenting something even if I wasn't contagious!

Oh my ...Do you have some help with getting supplies /food/drink etc etc. in ??? congrats on your A1C result ...that news is good !!
PS I am envious of those in the lower mainland being able to obtain Lab results on line .I am meeting with my MLA ( Interior Health ) soon and will mention this .

jesus wept. the mumps?!? i thought that was just completely gone from the face of the earth. you poor thing, hope you are feeling better soon!

excellent news on the a1c!

Yeah, apparently in developed countries like Canada where most people are vaccinated, only a few hundred people get the mumps each year. I tend to attract relatively rare conditions, so one of those people was me. :) And, the timing ... Couldn't have had much worse luck than catching a rare, contagious disease at this time. Also, apparently they are discovering that the "mumps" portion of the MMR vaccine may not last as long as the measles and rubella portions, and wear off for some people. The interesting things I've learned in the past 24 hours!!

My parents are helping me get food, although they are scared of getting contaminated so are just going to leave it outside my door. LOL. Although apparently people born in the 1950s or earlier are likely immune, anyway.

Also, I got quarantined at a very good time. Thanks to Skype and the internet, I'm still able to do the meetings and other business I had scheduled for next week even without being there in person. (Except my endo appointment, I left a message to cancel that.) Although I do feel a bit like I have the plague when I've been cancelling in-person appointments telling people I have the mumps!

One other good thing is that if I ever decide to write a historic novel, I now have first-hand experience with a once-rampant-but-now-nearly-extinct-in-developed-countries disease. :)

Aaawww Jen, what a bummer! Hang in there and thinking of you!