So distraught

So sorry you are going through all this. People are here on this site for you. Virtual hug coming your way

Hang in there everybody. Its going to be tough, tough, tough when the season starts to change to Winter. I try and assume that it will be 6 more months. I’m trying to invent 3 month projects and focus on those. It might only be 3 months left of this. It might be less. But, I am trying not to get my hopes up.

We’ve done 6 months. We have gotten through most of it already. We just have to hang in there a little longer.

@Barb17 That’s got to be a lot of extra awfulness to get invasive breast cancer and not having anybody close by to help you through it. Hugs.

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I was just shocked when I was told after my mammogram. I did/do my best not to bother my friends but will reach out when necessary. What a bummer! Most the medical people treated me very well and were comforting. But nothing like the one good friend or son. I’m 75 and I have to say, pretty strong except in my quiet moments. Thank you for you response. It helps. I hope my situation helps someone else they can hang in there no matter what. I had to hang on to me.

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I hope to help someone who is having a hard time or going stir crazy they can do this Virus situation. Cancer is difficult. And still is. I thought once the procedures were over, off to true recovery would start. Oh, positive thinking I am. Still tons of doctors appts. Cancer med side effects are terrible or at least for me. Ugly scar healing and my doctor wants to do a biopsy on it. O’my this has to stop! But I am strong, I can do this. All of us can deal with insurance, diabetes and such. There is no choice. Thank you again.


One thing i love about our community is how much we care for each other. The fact that you said this is a big step. You will find nothing but love and support here. Please keep us informed, never feel a burden, you are not, and remember the words to song forever young.

May you always do for others
And let others do for you

Today let us do for you.

I am so sorry you had to go through that ordeal all on your own. These are trying times for sure. I am glad that you are ok. This epidemic is something I am really struggling with. I haven’t had any sleep in the last 3 nights, only when I took a pill for it. I am going to try meditation and see if I can gain control over this. I don’t want my health to suffer. I need to quiet the chatter in my mind. Good luck and take good care. I I would give you a hug if I could so I will send one to you🤗


I hope it won’t be much longer.How much of normal will return? It doesn’t seem possible but I have to try to stay positive. Maybe by spring things will turn around a bit. I sure hope so. At least I can now phone my mom as her phone is now working. I have to keep my mind busy. Maybe get into a good book. I know that others here are all dealing with this to one degree or another. Lots of hugs to everyone that needs one.:hugs::slightly_smiling_face:

They wont allow you to take your mom on an outdoor outing? They couldn’t wheel her outside to meet you? Outdoor activities have very little risk of illness spread, as Minneapolis protests have shown.

Things are going to return to normal. The vaccines have been showing good efficacy.

People are getting vaccinated here for final testing of the vaccine in advance of the start of the seasonal flu. We will have a very dangerous, but hopefully brief, period as seasonal flu starts up. Get your seasonal flu vaccine early to prepare. Be prepared for the fact that you might get seasonal flu late in the season, as that immunity wears off. But, by then, hopefully you are vaccinated for covid.

It might not be long, now, Dee. Just hold your position for a while longer. Your in the final leg of the race.

@mohee0001 People in nursing, convalescent homes etc are way too vulnerable. So most aren’t allowing visitors still unless you have no covid in your area. All it takes is one person unknowingly exposing one other person.

It ended up getting into a veterans home on another island which didn’t have very many cases at all by a symptom free employee, who the rumor is was exposed to it by someone she knew/ran across ??? that had traveled. That had been stated earlier but now they are not saying anything about it. The coconut wireless is a little iffy sometimes lol…But it is surprising how accurate it has been a lot of times. But they need to be very and overly very protective.

I am sorry @Dee_Meloche Lack of sleep makes everything so much worse. I’m glad you are able to at least talk to her now. Many hugs your way.

Stay strong. I will be praying for you.

Chatter in your mind? That is a good word for it. I thought I was really declining. Sleep? I have starting using one of the “Story for Adults” on You Tube. One voice to listen to instead of my voice. I can do some good. I am concern for so many things but first on how to take of myself. I am not quite ready for a assistant home, too much money, not sure they are the best. I can still drive safely and take care of most important things if I have energy. Most of my anxiety has to be from the Cancer Med. These feelings are not me. Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate it. Touches my heart. Best to you. We can get through this.

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I get it. I hope relating my situation will help someone to get through whatever they are dealing with. We can get through this. Just takes patience and time. I love this site. It was a God Send when I came across it 6 years ago. I don’t usually say much but I read a lot. Taking care of my diabetes well. Last A1c was 5.3. My doc said it was too good. I want to be as well as I can be if I catch this Virus! Best health to you. Thank you for your replay. Touches my heart.


Really, @Marie20? They are letting us into places, now - typically, just 1 person, but they let us. As we are gearing up again as a hot zone, they might shut that down again, IDK. Everywhere is so different. Its hard to keep this all straight, but I’m glad to know what is going on in other places.

@Barb17 I am sending a hug and my very best to you. My mom is just finishing up cancer treatment, too, and it has been isolating and lonely. I am so sorry you are going through it. I am hoping for good health and good times for you.

@Dee_Meloche - I am also sending good wishes to you – these times are so, so challenging. Thank you for posting this message and bringing us all together. Of course there’s not much that any of us can actually do for each other, but for me, reading each of these notes of encouragement and different perspectives has been helpful. Just thinking about my diabetic comrades spread around the world has made me feel more connected! (Also a plug for meditation: I have been practicing meditation for 4 years now and am love it! I’ve used headspace for a lot of the time and am now using the peloton app and both are fantastic. I think you need to get through the first 30 days of consistently practicing (use headspace for this) and hopefully you’ll find it as helpful as I have!)

Sending love and a virtual hug out to everyone. xo - Jessica

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Yes, I can see her only outside but it’s not as nice or convenient but I guess it’s better than nothing. When I wrote that last post her phone wasn’t working either so I couldn’t even talk to her. It’s working now and I still might get 1 more visit before the cooler weather kicks in. The last time I saw her I picked her up for a barbecue at my house. She is able to walk on her own. I sure do hope things return to a more normal environment but I am sure there will be another wave when kids start back to school. Your kind words are inspirational.

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