So i got my drivers license now

and it is great!!!

i passed the test the first time. I missed 7 points, although i dont knkow whats the liimit of points i can miss. I thought i was 8, but somebody told me 15. but then i heard a friend failed at 9, so, what the hell? random numbers and what not. Point is I passed the test and i have my license.

That means, i dont have to get ridest to and from school. I dont have to go on the bus to and from school or to different places. I dont have to rely on my dad to take me places or pick me up. I dont have to rely on my dad taking me and my gf to places, then having to wait a shitlong time in the cold or darkness for him to get to the place. I can now go places at my own time and not have to wait till people are ready or whatever.

Its all cool though. Im just glad. So i got it friday the 24th of April. Im gonna remember that date. hahaha. After i passed my test, I took my gf out to watch our old high schools renidtion of High School Musical for the spring play. I havent seen the movies, but i have to admit, it was alright. I took her home and went out with my friends to In N Out. Then i went back to my gfs and picked her up to go to the movies with another couple that we hang out with. In some weird crazy turn of events after just talking with my friend about geting pulled over by the cops with no license just a permit, he got stopped with only a permit. He says the cop was cool, but gave him a ticket and told him not to drive unless hes got a licensed person or has his own license.

And yes, i do have a car under my name. Its a 2 door Hatchback 1997 Hyundai Accent. Pretty good car. Ill post a pick up later.

yay congrats! … i’ll get mine eventually… maybe when i’m 40 hahaha

OK Arturo, My son is 14 but the thought of him driving makes me so nervous. I’ve been through the driving process
with my older 2, but the diabetes scares me. i see by your A1C that you tend to run high. Do you test before
you drive? Did your Dr. have to clear you for driving. This is such a great concern of mine. I live in PA but noone
seems to be able to tell me His one endo said he had to have an A1C of 7 or lower, but that was his own personal criteria. Good luck to you. It is the lows that scare me, but the highs give him poor judgement.