So I have fulfilled one of my dreams!

I know i could never be a full fledged model, but on my list of things to do before I die its to model in an actual photoshoot. I love that I can say HEY… i’m type one diabetic, I’m wearing the pump in this shoot, I’m not that exotic… half swedish and half newfie, i snort alot when i laugh, i’m too big for regular modeling and too small for plus size, I’m too short, have no bone structure… BUT YOU KNOW WHAT! I still did it! After years of telling myself I could never do something like this, I feel so empowered as a women to look at these photos and accept who I am, and what I have.

heres the link:

congrads! Photos are pretty cool

I think you look great! Try not to compare yourself to others because they are not you, you are unique, that’s what makes you…you. I’m sure that you’re unaware of how many women (who will see your photos) that wish that they looked as good as you do. Just as you admire the looks of others, there are those who will admire you just as well.


It is good to see that you have achieved one of your goals in life despite the fact that many thought you couldn’t get there.

Keep it up,

Author of D and The Guy