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you know an artificial pancreas is a good but stupid idea… i mean they put it inside you wow thats way to risky. why dont you just put in on you that will save so much time and money and the omni pod is over rated. its 2 big bulky and looks like a tumer. now if you never do any type of physical activity go ahead and get it!!!1

There is no reason that an artificial pancreas has to be an internal pancreas. Minimed is currently working on a closed-loop insulin pump system that will take information from a CGM system and adjust your basal rates accordingly. (they currently have a pump/CGM system approved in Europe that will temporarily stop basal delivery if your BG drops below a certain level)

And as for the omnipod, there is a group of cyclists with Type 1 Diabetes (called Team Type 1) that are sponsored by Sanofi-AVentis (makers of Apidra), Abbott Diabetes (makers of Freestyle and Navigator) and Insulet (makers of the Omnipod) - these guys are quite fit and wear the omnipod 24/7.

As long as there is the possibility of malfunction and dumping insulin into my body I think I’ll pass

What I’ve seen is that the artificial pancreas is supposed to be an external device.

I like the idea of Smart Insulin far better.

internal artificial pancreas would be a pretty risky idea. but i think it’s supposed to be external…

as for the pod - have you tried it? i have been on the pod for almost 2 yrs and love it. i’ve done plenty of physical activity including swimming and soccer and such…