So I have the Swine Flu

I had gotten my flu shot last sunday for swine, yet i still managed to the the flu and got confirmed this morning. Had to go into the hospital with high blood sugars of 12.0 mmol and small ketones. but i am okay now… ugggh i hate being sick and having diabtes. I haven’t moved from the couch in days

Happy to read you are on the mend ( ??) ; were you in isolation ? Others in your family having same ? Be well soon Jill

my boyfriend and my mother have it now and they are taking it harder i think because they don’t have the shot in their system. I think because i have gotten the shot it made it a little less severe, but my blood sugars still managed to go a little wacky

ugh that doesn’t sound fun. I am now hearing that people are getting upper respiratory infections so Im a bit worried about that.

OMG Jill - I’m so sorry to hear you got the swine flu! I’m about to go off and get my H1N1 vaccine, and am praying (now I become religious ) that I don’t get it. Am going off on holidays in a few weeks, and originally was having to wait until mid-Dec to get vaccine - but my province in Canada has decided that diabetics should get the vaccine … NOW. Take care of yourself - and hopefully because of having the vaccine - you aren’t getting hit as hard if you hadn’t!
Anna from Montreal

OH, Jill, I am so sorry you got sick. I hate being sick too, with anything, from a cold to full blown sick. But, that said, take the time to be sick, try to take care of yourself and follow the directions for taking care of yourself.
Too many have not, and wound up being sick for a longer time. So relax, sleep, eat when you can, drink lots, and take the meds that you can get down. This will be over, but sooner if you take care of you, rather than fight the idea of getting out of bed too soon. I’m thinking of you.

I hope you feel better soon, Jill =)