So I now know what it's probably not

My hospital appointment today was lengthy but a relief, this is mainly for me to look back at, but feel free to read on

My Dr R said she thinks my symptoms (raised ANA levels, swollen joints, pain in joints, extreme tiredness) aren’t lupus and probably not RA, as I have no calcification or erosions. I had a raft of tests, mobility, bloods, xrays the lot :oS

I have a cracking great bruise, it was a bleeder oh boy!

I’m not a very good patient though, I don’t really ‘feel’ pain, an example being I broke my arm and walked around for 2 weeks with no cast after completing all tests that should have determined that I did in fact have a broken arm, as if there wasn’t a break and a greenstick fracture!

My current situation is a constant ache in my hands and feet (all pulses and nerve tests fine) which sometimes I get in my knees, elbows, shoulders and hips. It’s not agony, at times its bloody uncomfortable, and it’s wearing, it feels sometimes like the ends of my bones are rubbing together and at 29 I object to having ‘cankles’ when it’s flared up. I am really tired alot of the time, but when I try to sleep at might I can’t go figure. I seriously doubt my sanity sometimes…

I just don’t know what to do, I know I am not nuts, I know that I need to take anti-inflammatories sometime for it (which help) So I suppose it’s something inflammatory…

but what if the bloods are all clear? what then? Am I nuts…

Thats the hamster wheel that is my brain, on the one hand I am relived on the other I am still worried, eeek you could drive yourself mental eh?

I’m sorry, Louisa. I hope you get some answers.

That’s a Pain(no pun intended). And No, you are not nuts. Not getting dxd. for something or finding another reason for your symptoms would be so frustrating. I don’t know much about Lupus but with RA, 20% of RA Patients have a negative result on their test but they still have RA. There are 3 types.

There are over 150 different types of Arthritis. So you may have one of them considering the symptoms that you have mentioned.

Also some medications may bring on a condition that includes SLE symptoms, called drug-induced lupus. When the drugs are stopped, the symptoms usually go away. Although many medications have been reported to cause drug-induced lupus, those most closely associated with this syndrome include hydralazine, isoniazid, procainamide, and several anticonvulsants. I do hope that you/they find your answer soon Louisa.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, ladies, glad to know that Terrie, it’s something to consider. x x x

Hang in there Louisa. There’s an answer there somewhere. Hope you feel better.

Thankyou Kathy, your support means a lot to me. Mwah x x x

This sounds a lot like RA from what I understand, and I totally sympathize with you, because I have a LOT of symptoms that are similar, and it’s very frustrating to not get any helpful answers. The damage from RA takes a LONG time to develop to the point where it is visible on x-ray, and if that is the only basis they’re using the exclude it, I would definitely seek a second opinion for peace of mind.

Thanks Sarah I will keep pushing, though my bloods aren’t back yet, my symptoms are also similar to Sarcoidosis (another AD, that my mother has) I will keep pushing because I have let it go and accepted the apathy from my Drs for so long and I don’t really beive them, I know my body and I know something is wrong and it’s not ALWAYS D, though it may be linked if you see what I mean. Thanks again for the reply, means alot to me x

Thanks Buddy,
ha ha that reminds me of films like lassie, warm and fuzzy :o)
I am going to pursue this though as I am not satisfied with ‘the I don’t know’ shrugs attitude, it hurts all the time and I’m tired, my chiropractor has MOT’d me and says nothings out of place and mobility/sensation and pulse is all fine, but my joints are hot and some are a bit puffy so… while I’m waiting for the MD’s to sort their
stuff out I shall continue with my complimentary therapy (acupunture and chiropractic)
Thankyou my friend
Lou x