So I suck at this whole blog thing


But just want to say life is great! Tony has been out of his honeymoon for awhile now and it's a huge relief-not exactly "stable" since I hate that term but it's not as scary. His vocabulary is exploding, he's a little behind compared to other kids his age but I know not to compare, he's always been advanced more physically than verbally. He's going to turn 2 this month, I get all teary thinking about it since back in May I had a night of thinking he wouldn't live to see this birthday and he's made it!

He is very into spiderman, don't worry he hasn't watched the newer movies but he has watched the old cartoons for a few minutes here and there with his dad and imitates the web slinging by pointing his finger and going "sssss", well this morning he slung a web at me while I was giving him a shot in the butt-I just love him so much and found this so funny.


Hello. My daughter, Olivia, is two and seems to be in the “Honeymoon” stage! It’s frustrating. Is life better now that he is out of that stage? How long did his honeymoon last? My little one perfers the butt too :slight_smile: Do you mind me asking what kind of insulin, how much, and what times you give it to him. Our daughter gets 1/2 humalog and 1 and 1/2 NPH before breakfast and then @ dinner time she gets 1/2 humalog and 1/2 Lantus. Right now it’s frustrating because one night she will be above 250 for most of the night and then the next night she hovers around 80!
Our daughter was also slow verbally before her 2nd birthday. So much so that we involved early intervention, but the last couple months she has really made up for it - talking up a storm! I think it was because she has an older sister who would basically talk for her!
I’m glad life on your end is getting better!


His honeymoon lasted a whopping 6 weeks! He gets 4 units of nph and 1.5 of novlog before breakfast, and 2 of nph and .5 of novolog before dinner-I think he was on the same doses are Olivia during the honeymoon-it can be very unpredictable! It seems like over a few days his numbers just kept getting higher and higher until the officially said it’s no longer honeymooning time.
Thanx for commenting!



I think you’re doing great. While I’ve had diabetes for a long time, I can’t imagine what it would be like if one of my children got it. Your son Tony sounds as active as my four-year old. God bless all of you.


thanx Bernard!