So im new here

my name is kayla and i have had diabetes for 20yrs now. i have several complications im dealing with now. i would like to talk to other ppl that know how im feeling :] i dont know any diabetics anywhere near me lol anyways, i made a video thats on the top of the videos on the home page. comments and suggestions about how to make it better it would be appreciated :] basically, hello everyone!! i would love to talk to anyone at all lol about anything at all. ooh and im getting on the omnipod within the next few weeks. anyone else on it? tell me about it

Hi Kayla and welcome to the group.This site is wonderful for information and getting feedback from anything having to deal with diabetes.I have been a type 1 for almost 23 years now.I am now starting the process of going on a pump.After so long with MDI’s and being restricted of what I can eat and A1’s of 8 I felt it was time.I am so excited.

hi kayla,
your video is great…no changes needed…it’s a reflection of you…

my daughter is 6 and has been dxd since 6-29-07…your video is an inspiration for myself as a mother to see how a young child will grown to be a strong young adult… .er 3x’s and your still there…that takes courage!!!

take care

Welcome Kayla! I know what you mean about finding others who understand. It’s nice to have a place where you feel your not being judged.

Hi Kayla:

After reading your post, I looked at your photos. I saw the one with you and your father (he is probably about my age) where y’all had been hunting. I am curious about what type of hunting. I am addicted to deer hunting and I have always heard that Texas had excellent deer hunting.

Hi Kayla,
Welcome to the group. I loved your video. It was perfect! I’ve had diabetes for 23 (going on 24) years. I don’t have any complications yet - so I’ve been lucky. What complications do you have? How are you dealing with them? I don’t have a pump yet, but I really want to get one. Hopefully really soon! Take care & thanks for the video!