So is this good or bad?

So my sugar ran kinda lowish today… not too low that i felt bad, in fact, i felt amazing! Wasn’t tried, irritable, or anything… i’m just not sure if i should keep this basal setting, or go ahead and drop it a bit?

Looks like a perfect day to me. Try to remember what you did.

I just saw in your profile that you are considering the DexCom 7+. Don’t fuss around. Go for it. This will be the best diabetes management choice that you have made so far.

If Medicaid would cover it, i would have it by now… :confused:

I understand. This is a tough one. The cost is about $200/month plus about $1000 to get started. If you are not dealing drugs you need to have well-off parents.

Does Medicaid cover the OmniPod?

They cover the OmniPod, and the strips for it, but that’s all. My endu says that they don’t cover any CGM at the moment… i’m about to be on different insurance though, so hopefully my new insurance will cover it.

Good luck.

I’d be thrilled with those numbers! Way to go.

Jealous! Enjoy feeling fantastic.

Wow…fantastic day indeed! Always wonderful to feel so good, I am happy for you.

Wow! Those are pretty good numbers…more so, you’re feeling good…that’s what counts more =)

You should contact a local CDE office and see if you can wear a CGMS for a week. That would give you the insight that might help with your basals. I don’t know if your insurance would pay, but worth the call. Good luck.

Before even making any changes though you should see if the trend holds over several days. Aside from 2 numbers though the rest weren’t even low, but look like good numbers.
If you end up getting a CGM (or do a lot of frequent testing) you’d probably want to check to see if you are dropping past 60 or leveling out there to better make your decision on if a change is needed.

Looks pretty good, but those 60’s bother me just a bit. I’d see about raising the basal from 12p to 10p up just a bit - maybe by 0.10u/hr. But that’s just a suggestion.

I went ahead and raised it by .10u/hr, and i’ll see what it does next weekend. It did the same thing all day, and the highest that it got was 122 just before bet.
Today it was all over the place as usual though :confused: I seem to have a MUCH better day when i skip breakfast.