So Many Doctors

Since the beginning of this pregnancy, it’s been requested by me to see my eye doctor. They want me to check for retinopathy because many pregnancies will increase the retinopathy in diabetics.

I was diagnosed with retinopathy in 2009. Six months later, it was gone because I tightened my glucose control.

Let’s say that I go see this eye doctor again and they tell me my retinopathy is back. What would they make me do differently than what I’m already doing to stop the retinopathy from progressing? I’ve already had the tightest glucose control of my life during this pregnancy. Are they just going to tell me to tighten it even more? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s possible.

I’m seeing the doctor every week now. And starting next week, it’ll be twice a week. Every doctor I see (high risk, OB GYN, Endocronologist) just wants to check the development of my baby and then talk about my BG numbers. The only one who is going to change my dosages is my Endo. And that’s not even entirely true because I change my own dosages. So, why the same discussion and the same stress from every doctor? Especially since the high risk team knows very little about my disease and typically assumes it’s gestational (a completely different beast).

So, my question is… why so many doctors? I know they all have their own specialties and I appreciate them monitoring my baby’s progress… but why the same reprimanding and pushing about my numbers. I am doing the best that I can. Do I really have to hear the same “this will happen if you don’t tighten…” guilt conversation. I’m tired of it and can’t wait for this to be over.

Any of you experience anything actually HELPFUL from seeing your eye doctor during pregnancy? What am I to gain from seeing them at this stage? I figure I can see them after baby comes, when I might actually be able to do something about it.

I had eye check ups every two months during pregnancy. I was told that it can make a difference for decisions about labor. A tough labor can worsen an existing eye problem. So it might be that they want to check that before you go into labor. There may also be other reasons that I don’t know about.

I share your feeling with a lot of doctors and everyone wanting to tell me that my blood sugars need to be tightly controlled (duh!). I also get the feeling that they just assume that I am gestational and don’t know much about diabetes (and want to use incredibly ineffective scare tactics). I had a ultrasound technician who put me into tears by telling me that my high blood sugars (which I didn’t even really have) have made our baby big.

Thankfully my high risk OB-GYN and my endo operate as a team and call each other to discuss things. My OB-GYN completely trusts my endo and doesn’t try to manage my blood sugars (though I actually think that she also has endocrinology training and could manage my sugars as well). My endo told me that if anyone else tries to give me blood sugar advice, then I should tell them to call her and discuss it :slight_smile: I doubt any of them would call her, but it would at least tell them that I have someone with whom I discuss blood sugars and that I’m NOT looking for another one!!!

Thanks so much for your response. I didnt consider that it might affect my labor decisions. I will consider if I still feel I should/ should not see yet another doctor for this. I think no matter what he says, I’ll probably still go through with vaginal delivery, if baby cooperates.

sigh I’m so over this stress. haha. I just want the next few weeks to go by so I can just be ME again… plus a precious baby.

I have heard that some T1 women need to have laser treatment during pregnancy, so that may be a treatment option if you did have retinopathy.

Marps I was have/had retinopathy. Had laser eye surgery in Dec 09/Jan 10. It was painless and easy and I do not think it would hurt the baby. I had not noticed a change in my vision but I was glad to have it taken care of.

At my followup 3 months later it was doing better and after 6 months my dr was thrilled at how good things looked and he was excited to hear about my improved blood sugars.

While I understand the frustration of all the doctors, your vision is a big deal.

I hear ya Marps! I’ve been feeling the same way lately. I appreciate all the care, but so far the 2-4 visits per week with all these doctors/nurses/tests is getting overwhelming. I expected this, but I didn’t expect all the same discussions.

This week, I actually asked two of my doctors if I could start spacing them 3 weeks apart…just for my sanity and pocket book. They were not opposed to it, nor were they welcoming to it. It is frustrating.